Watch Immigration Gumballs Video:Numbersusa :We Can't take in the Entire Third World

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 Watch the Five Minute Video which by the way is completely non-racist.

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2 Responses to Watch Immigration Gumballs Video:Numbersusa :We Can't take in the Entire Third World

  1. obbop says:

    The USA elite class WANTS millions of illegals since their presence assists the elite’s class war.

    Divide and conquer!!!

    Keep the masses bickering amongst themselves and divert their attention from a harder-to-perceive greater threat of an elite class garnering evermore wealth and power while steadily shoving more Americans into a 2nd-world life-style.

    Note the invaders and their backwards culture. Note the countries and governments of the countries that the invader’s culture created. Typically 2nd-world or less cesspools with an entrenched powerful extremely wealthy elite class at the top.

    Our elites note those other elites and rub their greedy hands.

    Observe how at least a small percentage of USA citizens who shed at least part of their brainwashing and cared enough to noticed that we ARE in the throes of class warfare are trying to alert others of what is going on so as to muster the citizenry to fight back.

    Then notice how the invading horde that seldom assimilate are clan-oriented and ignore higher-level politics.

    Our USA elites WANT those types of people living in the USA!!!!

    Spitting out babies endlessly the invaders are the majority in some areas already and will eventually become a majority within the USA.

    America’s working-poor citizens are especially harmed by the millions of invaders who drive down wages and cause rents to rise.

    Those renting houses tend to be local elites with local power and they want high rents. Thus, at the federal level, the state and local levels, the BIG and little elites and the elites in-between profit from the invasion.

    After decades of observing real life, often immersed within the invading barbaric horde and, at times, a minority by being an Anglo and a minority by being a USA citizen along with much reading and self-research I am convinced the USA is in the throes of class war.

    I felt so good when my often-disagreed-with opinion was backed by one who many elites worship for one reason… he can amass immense wealth;

    “There’s class warfare, all right,” Mr. Buffett said, “but it’s my class, the rich class, that’s making war, and we’re winning.”

    Warren Buffet the billionaire, virtually worshiped by so many for one ability, to make money.

    Note, though, that it is the efforts of others actually performing tasks that create the wealth.

    Remove the workers and there is NO wealth to skim off and amass in the hands of the few.

    America’s elite class is our ultimate enemy.

    Until we force the elites to commence doing what must be done to securely seal the border and oust the MILLIONS of illegals the invasion will continue, unrelenting, until the invaders and their culture are the majority and the ruling elite class has forced the majority of citizens into a 2nd-world or lower life-style.

    It is war. Class war.

    And, We, the People, are losing.

  2. brittany says:

    this fuckin website is fuckin bullshit!! fuckin white people act like they are so fuckin innocent and acting like if their fuckin race doesnt steal,cheat,lie,rape,and do fuckin drug dealing!when in fact the do the same fuckin things! they are also the fuckin ones having fuckin babies not just mexicans! and if they really want us to go back to mexico then i would really love to see them out in the fields picking blueberries and cherries and all the field work and shit that we have to do and i dont fuckin think they would do it! they would probably be like “ahhhh theres dirt in my nail!” holy fuckin shit this pissed me off!!!

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