Hussien Obama : Criminal Police State arrest by Cop Crowley is just stupidity

090730_Pol_ObamaTNun—— believable.   Obama allows criminal behavior on the part of Cop Crowley to be dismissed as stupidity. The old boys club is going strong here. Crooked bully cop Crowley arrests Gates just because he asked for ID.

 and now it’s time for the boys to meet with Obama and give each other hand jobs? Noted the huge sexism of this circle jerk-press conference of Obama’s , for the woman who phoned in the break-in, was not invited. On top of that Crowley lied on the police report. Apparently that’s all cops do is lie on police reports. Maybe Obama should spend another five trillion in money we don’t  have to get rid of the Police State that we the USA has become. Oh but I forgot, Biden , his Pansie white boy side-kick, wants to make Americans feel more safe by having more police. How nice.. No mention that  we might feel safe if e-verify was used, or we had borders , or illegals were deported.

 Instead we get more cops to criminalize low income Americans . Remember in the United States you are Guilty until prooven innocent or until they destroy your entire life.


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