Police Brutality : Dont Mess with the Pigs or they will kill you

“when they came for the dogs I said nothing, because I had cats”

from Rawberto Lendsai

Don’t Mess With Pigs

When I was a teenage dope field and evil suburban drug dealer lurking near playgrounds selling addicting and illegal poison to our nation’s children, one of my drug dealer friends gave me some advice, “Don’t mess with pigs.” All his friends agreed and nodded their heads. “Pigs will kill you!”
Like most things in life, I

I’ve actually been arrested a few times in my life, but I’ve only spent six hours in jail until I got bailed out. I’ve also been accused of crimes a few times and dealt with hostile asshole cops pulling me over in my vehicle.

As a result of all these wonderful life-enhancing experiences, I now refer to cops as pigs and try to keep a Hoover Dam’s worth of distance between them and me whenever I can.

The first time I beat the charge in court and the second time I pled to the charge and paid a $70 fine and served 1 years pseudo-probation.

The third time was a BS citizen’s arrest resulting from an altercation I got into with a neighbor, who then placed me under citizen’s arrest, tied me to a damn pole at his home and called the cops. I let him place me under citizen’s arrest because he was way bigger than I am and, he was threatening to punch me out unless I let him arrest me. Since I’m a wuss, and I didn’t want to get my ass kicked by this much bigger guy, I let him do it. The cop was disgusted by the whole thing.

It turned out I was innocent of the charge and the cops excuse me pigs knew it, but they sided with the other guy because he was a “local”, and I was a “newcomer from the city.” The DA-scum knew he was wrong but pressed charges anyway, because DA-scum are the lowest form of rotting, stinking garbage on Earth and almost never drop charges for any reason.

This is because to DA-scum, the Law is a Game, like baseball. DA-scum want to bat 1000. That means they need to press charges and win every case that gets dumped on their slime-covered desks. They don’t care if they are right or wrong, or if the arrested are innocent or guilty. All they want is to bat 1000 and never lose a case. A DA-scum is an animal with no morals, like a rattlesnake or a White Shark.

The DA-scum pressed charges, I hired a lawyer for $1,500, and paid a $10 fine at the end for a charge I wasn’t even guilty of. The DA-scum reportedly knew that I was innocent, worse, that the crime that supposedly occurred never even happened, but DA-scum are stubborn pricks and never admit they are wrong.

I’ve also learned from one whole experience with a sentencing judge that in my opinion, judges are judge-scum. Judge-scum are almost all former DA-scum. They have evil beady eyes because they hate 25% of humanity. When you go before them, they fix you with their evil snake-eyes and look at you like you’re devilspawn. They’re basically hanging judges; they think 99% of the people who come before them are guilty, and they are not to be messed with at all. They tend to be best friends with DA-scum.

From all of my lessons with pigs, DA-scum, judge-scum and other law enforcement-scum, I have learned one thing.

Don’t mess with pigs. Better yet, don’t have anything to do with pigs. Are you having dealings with pigs lately? Why? There can’t possibly be a good reason for that. Pigs will lie, cheat, steal, arrest you on made up charges, throw your ass in jail, go to court and gleefully perjure themselves and give testimony that starts out, “Once upon a time…”, kick your ass, torture you, and even kill you.

Don’t deal with ‘em. If you’re dealing with pigs, it’s probably because they are hassling you about something. They will pull you over and say your taillight is out and write you a fix-it ticket when there is nothing wrong with your car.

They will pull you over, get in your face, act like total assholes, and try the whole time to try to get you pissed off. Why? Because as soon as you get mad, you’re probably going to start doing stupid stuff, then they will have an excuse to arrest you on some BS charge.

Pigs will always fasten the cuffs way too tight, but you should never complain that they are too tight. As soon as you do that, the pigs automatically tighten them even further. I know a few people who have permanent damage to their wrists from those too-tight cuffs.

Pigs basically want to beat up everyone they arrest. That’s part of the game. If you get arrested, super-wuss out and try to co-operate as much as possible, act like a girl, cry, whimper and revert to little boyhood.

When you’re in jail, a bunch of pigs will raid your cell and one will shout, “Grab my arm!”

Don’t fall for it; it’s a pig trick!!

If you refuse, they will threaten to kick your ass. The others will all scream, “Grab his arm! That’s an order!” If you do it, you just “assaulted an officer”, and now they get to kick your ass. Every time the pigs kick your ass, they will automatically charge you will “Assaulting an Officer.”

If the pigs are beating you up, never fight back. Just puss out, act like a girl, and try to push them away from you. That way you will get the least amount of damage. If you fight back at all, then they will super kick your ass or maybe even kill you. When they super kick your ass, you’re often left with permanent injuries of some sort.

I only got arrested a couple of times, but both times they messed with me.

A pig reached into my car, grabbed me by hair and started slamming my head into the roof of the car for no reason.

In the jail foyer, a pig grabbed me and threw me into the wall of the jail for not answering a question that I never even heard.

A piggie walked past my cell, stopped, and started dancing around like a monkey with his fists out ready to fight. He was trying to make me mad so I would do or say something stupid. As soon as you do that, a bunch of pigs will rush your cell and kick your ass. I looked at him like he was an idiot, and eventually he went away.

Once two detective-pigs hauled me into a room to question me about a crime I never did, a crime that in fact never happened. When I refused to confess to the crime, the two oinkers both leaped across the table and threatened to kick my ass unless I stopped saying I was innocent. I pussed out real quick and started whimpering. Pigs love it when you whimper, and they beat confessions out of people all the time.

Got it? Don’t mess with pigs. When pigs try to provoke you and pick a fight with you, that’s a devious plot. Don’t fall for it! Just wuss out, say “sir” a lot, cooperate, apologize, agree with every dumb thing the pigger says, and try to get away from this wild animal in a uniform.

Best of all, just don’t deal with them at all. Don’t look at them, don’t wave to them, don’t talk to them, nothing. Pigs over there, me over here, and never the twain shall meet.

I’m 51 years old and I’ve been arrested three times. I have two convictions for petty offenses, and there are a total of zero real victims in all these cases. I’ve spent six whole hours in jail and paid $80 in fines.

I’ve been breaking the law most of my adult life.

I figure I’ve done all right.


from robert lindsay

Being defeated is often a temporary condition. Giving up is what makes it permanent. Marlene vos Savant


Cops are only bill assessors and collectors (fines-false charges).
If you ever ever ever get pulled over in a remote area and you do not have a witness or a cell phone you are doomed! You will be in the back of their car, a tow truck will pull up, they will talk back and forth first name basis and go through your property in what is called a search. By the time you can bail out for charges that mysteriously appeared after they pulled you over, your car is worth less than the tow charge and your property is gone. In Oregon, bail is CASH ONLY, no matter what the amount. You can use a credit card, but it has to be cash advance, which can never be rebuted.
Know why? This gives them motive to set a high bail and gives the DA motive to prosecute false charges to get that CASH bail!Look how nervous they are when they approach you. I lived in Miami up until 2004. Cops up here have nothing to be nervous about except the fact they are punks planning and commiting crimes against those they swore to protect. Most are ex-military from seek and destroy fake wars, with the mind set to kill them all, women, children, ect… Shoot them in the back to save your own ass from a simple write up attitude!

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4 Responses to Police Brutality : Dont Mess with the Pigs or they will kill you

  1. stoptheinvasionoforegon says:

    A man murdered a man and dumped his body in the woods. it was over a woman. Then my sister and her co-workers found the bones. The DA forced all of them to come in to sign affidavits or something and accused my sister and her friends of belonging to a cult that involved ritualistic murder. Since my family have lived in the area for a hundred years with no criminals and since we were well-known and respectable, it is unbelievable that a DA could so easily attack her with such an absurd charge. there are no checks and balances. the system is insane.

  2. laurathacker says:

    No. They’re probably just trying to throw you off base and then steal your property.
    That’s how they do these things I’ve discovered.

  3. It’s literally come to the point were good, honest, hard working, law abiding citizens, who mind their own business and just want to be left alone to live life freely, under the terms granted them by the constitution & bill of rights; We need outright “protection” against the police & prosecutors. Aka, the people WE hire, & pay salaries, to protect US. First of, I think that when police are on duty, every single second of every shift should be video taped. I mean,the technology is there. Something smaller then a cigarette lighter could be installed on a uniform to record their actions. Or at the least, their interactions. Especially during arrests & confrontations. That would end most he said she said scenarios, and false charges. Also their records should be posted on department websites for their employers (you & I, US) to review, with the option (not the chief of D’s, same goes for them) of releasing them from duty as seen fit & or called for. As for DAs, public prosecutors and the like, same for them, but double. No more padding their resumes on the backs of innocent people.

    • stoptheinvasionoforegon says:

      I also blame the new police state or prison state on illegal aliens . I met a girl of about 20 , who was arrested for riding her bike in a park after dark, she is now on probation. seems to me that Americans are expected to provide full employment for prison guard, janitors, probation officers etc rather then realize we made a huge mistake by going in that direction.
      mug shots for riding a bike in a park? gimme a break.
      I dont think we should show mercy for illegals in jail.
      personally i think they should have IA marked on their forheard with an ink that cannot be removed, then a bounty should be placed and any legal american who brings them in dead or alive, gets a $ 1,000 Home Depot Card.
      I think that would get a lot of them to self deport right away.

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