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Mexican Raul MENDOZA-Lopez kills two due to Crappy Mexican Driving: one anchor baby dead Highway shut down for six hours by mexican

Two mexicans die in traffic crash on I-84 near Baker City, Oregon Oregon State Police – 09/27/09 2009-09/1002/CAD#09.415100_024.jpg excuse me for not being sympathetic, but  illegal mexicans (and other nationalities) and their anchor babies have succeeded in ruining the entire United … Continue reading

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More on the Mexican Takeover of Oregon

Got mexicans? Got swine flu? Got drug resistant TB? Got contractors on the roof so a white guy won’t be paid fairly and scum contractor won’t have to pay into SSDI? Got tomatoes with e-coli? Got hospitals closing? Got anchor … Continue reading

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A Scottish Highlander asks that you help stop the invasion of illegal alien criminals

Illegal immigration is a serious crisis in the United States, and it is time that We The People stand up and fight it.  Join me in this fight, go to,, Numbers USA, and and get involved!  Let … Continue reading

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Evil People selling Coupons (EVERYWHERE) OT Jesus is coming

Evil People selling Coupons (EVERYWHERE) ——————————————————————————– Date: 2009-09-24, 11:12AM PDT Reply to: [Errors when replying to ads?] ——————————————————————————– YOU EVIL PEOPLE THAT ARE SELLING COUPONS ARE WRONG!!!! HOW DARE YOU SELL COUPONS THAT ARE DESIGNED TO HELP PEOPLE AFFORD THINGS … Continue reading

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South Africa Sucks because of Black Rule and Violence

south africa sucks (because of black rule and violence) Date: 2009-09-22, 10:43PM PDT Reply To This Post If you are straight, white, and male, please stand up. Congratulations, you are more privileged than you probably ever realized. Because … Continue reading

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Bumpoholics: New PC term to diguise skyrocketing birth rate in US due to Illegal aliens mexicans and anchor baby syndrome goto the John Tess site and enter Bumpoholic. This is an excellent example of where the Corporate, PC world  meets the Real World and tries to find a nice polite term devoid of race, nationality, diversity, or controversy to … Continue reading

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Stop the job theft of American jobs by foreign workers: Stop all immigration for ten years

You can send this fax to your Congressional rep by going to Numbersusa Sen. Ron Wyden 223 Dirksen, United States Senate Washington, DC 20510 Another 6,600 jobs were lost in Oregon last month. The unemployment rate is 12.2%! It is … Continue reading

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mexican Hispanic Male with knife attacks and abducts American Woman in Hillsboro Washington County Occupied territory of Mexico and India and crowded with illegal aliens , anchor babies and visa overstays

Hillsboro Detectives Investigate Abduction Case Hillsboro Police Dept. – 09/21/09 On 9/20/09 at 630 PM, An 18 year old woman from Gresham stated that she was en route for work in Hillsboro and got lost and ended up in a … Continue reading

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Jairo Martin Navarro-Nunez, 24 sentenced for sodomizing his illegal mexican girlfriend in Hillsboro owned by Mexico 108 ICE holds

Milwaukie meixcan illegal alien gets 5 years for sex sodomy with girl, 14 nost by The Oregonian Wednesday August 26, 2009, 11:06 AM Jairo Martin Navarro-Nunez The case: A Milwaukie mexican illegal alien was arrested and accused of sex-abuse charges involving his 14-year-old girlfriend. … Continue reading

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Mexican Julian Ruiz Arrested Mortgage Banker Steals customers ID to buy house: Proof Mexican crooks caused Foreclosure epidemic

Salem Police Arrest Mexican Ruiz Mortgage Broker for Fraud Salem Police Dept. – 09/18/09 2009-09/1095/Ruiz.JPG Following a two month long investigation by the Salem Police Department, The Oregon Department of Justice, and the Oregon Department of Consumer and Business Services;Mexican … Continue reading

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