Beaverton Mexican Store Firme Clothing Store robbed by Two Mexicans

Beaverton Hispanic Clothing Store Robbed at Gun Point
Beaverton Police Dept. – 08/23/09

Thats what I like to see : illegal aliens and mexican anchor baby scum robbing each other- keep the crime where it belongs , with the criminals who came to the US illegally and ruined the West Coast for good01010001020201031120080408d043c79ebf1b29bf380049a5
Saturday evening, August 22, 2009, at 9:10 pm the Beaverton Police Department received a call of a robbery at the Firme Clothing Store 12010 SW Allen Boulevard. The caller said they had been held up at gun point.

When police arrived they were told three men had walked in, as if patrons, acting as though they were looking at clothing. A short time later an employee approached one of the men asking if they could help but was met with hostility. After one suspect displayed a gun, everyone was told to get down on the ground, where they were tied up with duct tape. Inside the store at the time of the robbery were two employees and one customer.

While reasons are unclear, police were told during the robbery one of the suspects hit the two employees with his gun. Medical personnel were called to the scene and attended the victims; only minor injuries were found.

The suspects had ransacked the store taking clothing and cash, and then drove away in a white vehicle, similar to a Lincoln Town Car. Only brief descriptions could be given on the suspects. They were described as Hispanic males in their mid to late 20’s, medium athletic builds and all were wearing blue jeans. One subject was approximately 5’7″ while the other two were approximately 5’4″ tall and one wore a black baseball cap while the other two had cowboy hats on.

The investigation is still ongoing, no further information or video is available. Anyone with information regarding the robbery is asked to call the Beaverton Police Department at 503-629-0111.


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