mexican Hispanic Male with knife attacks and abducts American Woman in Hillsboro Washington County Occupied territory of Mexico and India and crowded with illegal aliens , anchor babies and visa overstays

Hillsboro Detectives Investigate Abduction Case
Hillsboro Police Dept. – 09/21/09

On 9/20/09 at 630 PM, An 18 year old woman from Gresham stated that she was en route for work in Hillsboro and got lost and ended up in a parking lot near Hwy 26 and Imbrie to check her directions.
While in the parking lot, the woman reports that a  mexican hispanic male suspect gets into her car and orders her at knife point to drive to the Portland Airport.
According to the woman, she complies with the suspect’s demands in fear for her life and is assaulted by the suspect in a hotel parking lot near PDX.
The woman suffered minor cuts to her leg and arm during this struggle and was able to call for help after the suspect fled the location on foot.
The suspect is described as a male,3n93me3o2ZZZZZZZZZ979757ce3c8ee351a1d Hispanic, age 30, thin build, wearing a dark color hoody and sunglasses.

Portland Police Bureau assisted greatly with this call, and in locating the victim. The case is currently under investigation by Hillsboro Police detectives and detectives from PPB.

No further details about this crime are available and no composite of the suspect is available at this time.

Anyone who may have details about this event should call Hillsboro Detectives at (503) 681-6175

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