Stop the job theft of American jobs by foreign workers: Stop all immigration for ten years

You can send this fax to your Congressional rep by going to Numbersusa
send immigrar
Sen. Ron Wyden
223 Dirksen, United States Senate
Washington, DC 20510

Another 6,600 jobs were lost in Oregon last month. The unemployment rate is 12.2%! It is time for a suspension of most immigration at least until our state’s unemployment gets back down below 5%.

It is incredibly cruel that the United States allows about 100,000 immigrants to permanently reside in the country each month! Most of these immigrants are of working age and immediately start competing against unemployed Americans for a dwindling number of jobs. How is this just? How does this immigration help Oregonians?

With these sobering statistics in mind I expect you to propose an immigration time-out. Except for spouses, minor children, and some extraordinarily skilled workers, all other immigration should probably be stopped. Oregonians, and all Americans, need this legislation. We need you and your colleagues to do what’s best for the American people.

Feeling unrepresented,


P.S. I have been saying for a long time we need to stop all immigration for ten years, to let the world know they cant come here and steal us blind. do you know that most jobs in oregon are taken by illegal aliens from mostly latin countries and that h2-b visa workers from china and india have the good jobs at Intel ? I am fed up with having to literally fight with illegal mexicans to stay afloat

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