Two Mexican-Hispanic Males Shoot White American Jacob Way,Mcminnville Oregon Crime victims of illegal aliens

19 year old Legal White American Non-Hispanic Male shot in altercation in McMinnville
McMinnville Police Dept. – 10/01/09

It is extremely easy to get into a fight with mexicans because they are violent, nasty and provoking to just about anyone.

 By the way, if it turns out they are anchor babies it just proves my theory that all anchor babies of Latin origin are trash and turn to crime, If they are illegal alien mexicans, it just proves my theory that the wine growers are criminals for importing Mexicans  and turning them loose on the population.And of course, you get to pay for the police investigation and the hospital bill, while La Raza will call you racist for complaining.




About 8:15 this evening (September 30th, 2009), according to several witnesses and the victim, Jacob Way, age 19 of McMinnville, got into a confrontation with two Hispanic males on Evans Street between 24th St.and Baker Creek Rd in McMinnville. During that confrontation, Jacob Way received a gunshot wound. He was transported to Willamette Valley Medical Center by friends.McMinnville Police, along with Yamhill County Major Crimes Response Team and units from Yamhill County District Attorney’s Office,Yamhill County Sheriff’s Office, Oregon State Police, Newberg PD, Amity PD, and Yamhill PD are investigating the crime scene, interviewing witnesses, and checking potential leads on the current location of the two Hispanic suspects.The two suspects are described as:
1 – Hispanic male between 17 and 19 years old, 5’1″ to 5’5″ tall,m_mario thin build, with dark very short hair, wearing a brown t-shirt.

2 – Hispanic male in his mid 20’s, approximately 5’10”, medium to muscular build, wearing a dark colored hooded sweatshirt, last seen leaving the area on a mountain bike.

Anyone with questions or information is asked to call Detective Sam Elliott at 503-435-5615

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4 Responses to Two Mexican-Hispanic Males Shoot White American Jacob Way,Mcminnville Oregon Crime victims of illegal aliens

  1. stoptheinvasionoforegon says:

    38 million illegal aliens broke into the United States and instead of being called criminals they are being offered amnesty by the President and they collect benefits that were meant for American Citizens.
    This was a hate crime by hispanics against whites.

    Criminal law
    Part of the common law series
    Actus reus · Mens rea
    Causation · Concurrence
    Scope of Criminal Liability
    Complicity · Corporate · Vicarious
    Inchoate offenses
    Attempt · Conspiracy · Solicitation
    Crimes against people
    Assault · Battery
    False imprisonment · Kidnapping
    Mayhem · Sexual assault
    Homicide Crimes
    Murder · Felony murder
    Negligent homicide
    Vehicular homicide
    Crimes against property
    Arson · Blackmail · Burglary
    Embezzlement · Extortion
    False pretenses · Larceny
    Receiving stolen property
    Robbery · Theft
    Crimes against justice
    Compounding · Misprision
    Obstruction · Perjury
    Malfeasance in office
    Perverting the course of justice
    Defenses to Liability
    Burglary (also called breaking and entering[1] and sometimes housebreaking)[2] is a crime the essence of which is entry into a building for the purposes of committing an offence. Usually that offence will be theft, but most jurisdictions specify others which fall within the ambit of burglary. Commission of burglary is normally referred to as to burgle (in British English) or burglarize (in American English).

  2. Brittancus says:

    We are on the verge of a major breakthrough with the illegal immigration deterrent program E-Verify. Washington has extended E-Verify to the end of October, but that is not enough for the 10 million plus jobless American workers. The stamp of approval of E-Verify has been recognized by the hundreds of thousands, or perchance millions of citizens and legal employees whose innumerable numbers have been disenfranchised by illegal alien labor. An apparel firm was raided by ICE and 1800 workers who are illegal have been fired, unless they can be positively accepted as having the right legal status? Unbelievable! Now without further adieu, we must lambaste the politicians until they make E-Verify permanent? It should be placed on the peak list of interior enforcement tools, and everybody who gets a pay check should be verified as part of the legal workforce.

    A huge number of suspected open border players, thought the courts would kill it as unconstitutional, or at least delay it? An amendment was presented by Sen. David Vitter that prevents any further delays in the implementation of the Social Security Administration’s No-Match-letter program. An amendment was also offered by Sen. Jeff Sessions that requires a permanent re-authorization of the application. The usual culprits tried to table the Sen. Sessions E-Verify amendment, but the motion failed and eventually passed. We have dubious decision makers in DC, who are not looking-out for the man/women in the street? This became very blatantly obvious in the stimulus bill, when no language omitted illegal workers from gaining at least 300.000 jobs in construction and other industries. The 247 G law is another successful police program, to identify illegal immigrants on the streets of our communities and highways. This law could be on the chopping block, as well as the ICE raids on pariah businesses. With modifications E-verify could detect illegal aliens applying for drivers licenses, car insurance, home mortgages, health care and much more? LET THE BLOODY EMPLOYERS WHO HAVE INSTIGATED THIS IMMIGRATION MESS–PAY FOR IT

    Both California and Nevada’s lawmakers have a high percentage of illegal alien populace, so they are indebted not to enforce immigration laws. We as voters must transfer our frustration and anger to those who represent us at 202-224-3121. A continuous barrage of irate voters has upset the politician’s applecart in their offices, demanding change? You will only discover the true patriotic American politicians by going to and examining their immigration grades at NUMBERSUSA, JUDICIAL WATCH & for OVERPOPULATION statistics CAPSWEB. If we hesitate about these issues, all is lost, and the anti-sovereignty groups will take away our jobs, freedoms. If you really want to view the absolute appalling state our roads, bridges, dams and drinking water structure, watch “The Crumbling of America.” The History channel has been illuminating the complete and utter indifference, while we financially support the world, wars and illegal immigrants for the business community.

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  4. Jenny Burns says:

    They are mudering whites and have a false grave yard in Shasta lake,Californa. The mayor is a Mexican we are told. The town is a bunch of illegal aliens that also go to your area. Get immigration involved America. Take America back.

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