Hispanic Male with knife Robs ALoha Store in Mexican Occupied Washingon County

let’s get something straight here, in Washington County all mexicans are listed as white males, and Aloha is mexican occupied territory, also white males don’t use knives, mexicans do. I looked at the photos close up and he looks like an Hispanic male, not an white male. 

as a matter of fact there is a surplus store nearby that has a sign that says Machettes  5.989 

Hispanic Male  Robs Grocery Store in Aloha at Knifepoint
Washington Co. Sheriff’s Office – 10/01/09


Summary of Event:
This morning an armed Hispanic male man robbed a grocery store near Aloha High school. The suspect fled on foot and caused the high school to be put into lock down. Deputies are asking the public’s help in identifying the suspect.

Details of Event:4
On Thursday, October 01, 2009, at about 11:00 a.m., a man entered the Albertsons grocery store located at 6055 SW 185th Avenue in the community of Aloha. The man used a small black handled kitchen knife to rob two female clerks at the customer service counter. The suspect then fled the store and removed the outer clothing he was wearing in order to disguise his appearance.

At the time of the robbery the suspect was wearing a grey hooded sweatshirt, grey baggy sweat pants, and white and black tennis shoes. He is a white male approximately six feet tall with a medium build. He has a thick, dark mustache and Fu-Man-Chu style beard.

Once the suspect fled the store and dumped his clothes, he boarded a northbound TriMet bus. According to the bus driver the suspect got off the bus at SW 185th Avenue and SW Kinniman Street, near Aloha High School. The High School and nearby Kinniman Elementary School were put into lock down. Sheriff’s Deputies surrounded the area and used a K9 team to search for the suspect. The suspect was not located.

Detectives are asking the public’s help in identifying the suspect in the surveillance video. If you have any information or think you know who the suspect is, please call Washington County Sheriff’s Detective Gary Jensen at 503-846-2742.

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