Warrant Strike Team arrest More Hispanic Males Navarrete-Orozco, Jose Dejuesus ( Rape) Ruiz-Lopez, Juan Carlos( Id Theft) in Multnomah County

MCSO Warrant Strike Team makes their 1000th Arrest
Multnomah Co. Sheriff’s Office – 09/25/09

The Multnomah County Warrant Strike Team began operation in October 2007. The team made it 1000th arrest on September 24, 2009. The warrant strike team is credited with helping to recover accountability and credibility to system. Those with warrants have learned that they will be held accountable, examples this occurs almost daily when members of warrant strike team knocks on their door.
The warrant Strike Team has made 3,019 service attempts and 1000 warrant arrest since its inception. Arrested were Ruiz-Lopez, Juan Carlos 3-7-85 ID Theft x7

Theft II;  Navarrete-Orozco, Jose Dejuesus 1-14-74 State Parole Violation for Rape I.

The team will continued their dedicated efforts because there are new warrants entered every court day.
It is not uncommon for persons with warrants to make the statement they knew they were wanted, but also express their surprise that law enforcement would come and get them.

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