Damon Thompson Throat Slasher is not to blame- It's The Fault of Americans says Belize Friend sweet_chanielle0nf1re@hotmail.com

This came in and I think it’s authentic. Of course, the Black Latino Immigrant is not to blame for slashing the throat of another Student, nope, it’s the fault of the UCLA. Well, shes right, they should stop importing foreign students immediately.

sweet_chanielle0nf1re@hotmail.com chanielle
Yes, Damon might be Black, from a third world country and to some of you ugly but he was very smart and had a lot of love for people. It was mentioned that he complained about other students in the class and nothing was done about it but know that something has happened it’s a big deal, and i guess it’s even bigger because he’s black and the “victim” is white. This could have bin avoided if his complaints/concerns were taken seriously. I’m from Belize too and I grew up with Damon. He doesn’t normally complain he takes a lot from people but when he does complain that means he’s had it and can’t take it anymore

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