Sheriff Jim Alderden criminalizes Americans Richard and Mayumi Heenes over Balloon Boy Hoax- lets illegals go unpunished


 Sheriff Jim Alderden criminalizes Americans Richard and Mayumi Heenes over Balloon Boy Hoax- lets illegals go unpunished Update

Balloon boy parents to plead guilty Friday; mother faced deportation to Japan

The parents of Fort Collins Balloon Boy Falcon Heene will enter guilty pleas in court Friday as part of a deal to avoid deportation to Japan for Mayumi Heene. In a statement released early this morning, Heene attorney David Lane said Mayumi will plead guilty to false reporting to authorities, a misdemeanor, with a stipulated sentence to probation. Father Richard Heene will plead guilty to attempting to influence a public servant, a felony, with a stipulated sentence to probation, according to the statement. In the statement, Lane said authorities insisted that Richard Heene “fall on his sword” and take a felony plea.

A prime example of what is happening to Americans all over the US., where illegal aliens are allowed to disobey the laws and are rewarded ,while Legal Americans are held to severe standards.

Sheriff Jim Alderden intends to criminalize and convict the Heenes as Felons with Jail time, for an inappropriate hoax at the taxpayer’s cost. ( latest news is he is backing down from his arrogant rampage , deciding instead to bankrupt the family, after destroying their reputation and livelihood,nice work , Sheriff) It is also interesting the rage against the White Male father, talk about revenge fantasies from the Sheriff  on down. Note his Asian wife is not receiving the hate that he is ,which is my next point that this is reverse racism, and that only White People are Evil in today’s America. I never see  this kind of outrage when a an illegal brown male or black male attacks or rapes someone.

They should be fined not criminalized for taking the public on a ride .  Those in government from the President on down, are not throwing the book ,at illegals aliens , largely from Mexico , who also lie and run up a tab on the taxpayers expense,

Instead, it is considered racism to even draw attention to the millions of illegal aliens exploiting

 United States citizenry.

The President Hussien Obama plans to  makes them citizens, as a reward for using the ID’s of Americans. 
 The Balloon boy family could use the same excuse as the illegals do, which is we were just trying to feed out family. Maybe if the Sheriff  went after every illegal alien in Colorado with the same venom , they would leave. A Mexican in Colorado can  rape and murder and the Sheriff will ignore it and the media will too,amazing the double standards .

Why the Justice Department is going after the one Sheriff who does arrest illegals for racial profiling. Don’t ask, Don’t Arrest, Don’t Deport, Or it’s Racism.

What BS !!, someone needs to tell the Sheriff to get over it. In Viking Culture, the family would  have been fined money , instead of made into felons.

I never hear of anyone in government, say let’s go after the illegals.

As far as idealizing the Heene family, I don’t, after all he imported a foreign wife , which I am against.


Sheriff on ‘bubble boy’ dad: ‘He may be nutty’


Runaway balloon saga was Richard and Mayumi Heene’s hoax, investigators say

October 18, 2009 02:40:00 PM

By DAN ELLIOTT / Associated Press Writer

The parents who set off a worldwide drama by reporting their 6-year-old son was inside a flying saucer-like helium balloon hurtling over Colorado concocted the stunt to market themselves for a television show, a sheriff said Sunday.

Larimer County Sheriff Jim Alderden said at an extraordinarily candid news conference that the boy, Falcon Heene, may not have even been hiding in the rafters of the family’s garage during the intense five-hour search for him Thursday afternoon.

“For all we know he may have been two blocks down the road playing on the swing in the city park,” the sheriff said.

Alderden said the parents Richard and Mayumi Heene “put on a very good show for us, and we bought it.”

The sheriff said no charges had been filed yet, and the parents weren’t under arrest. He said he expected to recommend charges of conspiracy, contributing to the delinquency of a minor, making a false report to authorities and attempting to influence a public servant.

Some of the most serious charges each carry a maximum sentence of six years in prison and a $500,000 fine.

Richard and  pre=”and “>Mayumi Heene were shopping at Walmart with their three sons as Alderden told reporters at the sheriff’s station that the whole thing was a hoax.

Richard Heene said he’s “seeking counsel,” though it was unclear whether he was talking about hiring an attorney.

“This thing has become so convoluted,” Heene told The Associated Press as tears welled up in his eyes.

He said his wife was holding together better than he was.

The sheriff said all three of the Heenes’ sons knew of the Thursday hoax, but likely won’t face charges because of their ages. The oldest son is 10. One of the boys told investigators he saw his brother get in the balloon’s box before it launched.

Heene, a storm chaser and inventor, and his family have appeared on the reality show “Wife Swap.” Alderden said the couple met in acting school in Hollywood. Richard Heene has described himself as an amateur scientist, but Alderden said Heene has only a high school education.

“He may be nutty, but he’s not a professor,” Alderden said.

Alderden said interviews with the parents Saturday resulted in enough information to get a warrant to search the house. He said they were looking for computers, e-mails, phone records and financial records.

Alderden said the children were still with the parents Sunday morning, and child protective services had been contacted to investigate the children’s well-being.

Alderden was asked whether officials had concerns for Falcon’s safety after the child’s comment on CNN that raised doubts for investigators. The boy turned to his dad during the interview Thursday night and said what sounded like “you said we did this for a show” when asked why he didn’t come out of his hiding place.

On Friday, Falcon got sick during two separate TV interviews Friday when asked again why he hid.

“Clearly, from all indications, Mr. Heene has somewhat of a temper,” Alderden said.

Alderden said officials tried Saturday to persuade Mayumi Heene to go to a safe house, but she declined.

“We talked to her at length about domestic violence, about her safety, about her children’s safety,” the sheriff said. “We have a concern, but we didn’t have enough that would allow us or child protective services to physically take the kids from that environment.”

A Colorado State University physics professor, using dimensions given by Richard Heene, had told sheriff’s officials as they were tracking the balloon Thursday that it was plausible for it to lift off with 37-pound Falcon inside.

Once the device landed, sheriff’s officials discovered it was made with plastic tarps taped together and covered with aluminum foil, with a utility box made of a very thin piece of plywood, cardboard on the side, held together with string and duct tape, Alderden said.

Using the true dimensions, the professor determined it could not have launched with the boy inside, Alderden said.

I’m voting for prison time for him, counseling sessions for her and she keeps the kids while he’s in the clink.

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