Stolen Social Security Number by Illegal Mexican causes arrest and Destruction of one American Family

   Mexicans( and illegal aliens from other countries) are willing to steal,destroy to get what they think is theirs;ie western wealth. There are no nice, sweet, little mexicans.Following is what happens to Americans when an illegal alien enters your life. Those in power could care less about what happens to the 354341_353_avataraverage American, it’s not their problem. Don’t expect the Oregonian to do an article on this, because they just can’t say Mexican or illegal alien.

“An illegal used my SS number and two cops showed up at my door one morning and took me to jail in front of my family. He robbed a bank and shot people. I was guilty until proven innocent, spent over $68,000 to hire a lawyer to clear it up, and spent 2 days in jail and posted a family cash bond of over $500,000 before the other inmates killed me because a child was hurt in the robbery.
Plus my family had to come up and get my info from me for my files at the house to cancel credit cards and every thing else he used from that #. It was found later that he just made the number up and it was mine. I ended up losing my job because it took 8 months to clear up, then I lost my house. Taht was two years ago and the economy went bad during that time and there is nothing left. When my kid got sick I couldn’t get him treated because they cancelled my insurance I never defaulted on in 17 years. I can’t even explain the other problems this created, and I am still dealing with it with my credit reports and all that. This ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT ruined my life, and he busted bond and went back to Mexico.

I am just one case the press wont’ talk about.

Posted by: Kcv at June 13, 2009 02:19 PM Below is the post from a mexican illegal female who justifies stealing and working  in the United States illegally. Basically, she uses Aztlan , and the Race-Nationalism Card  to make her point. Like all Mexicans ,it’s all about her and whats owed her. I am so glad she wrote in because it proves my case once again. Never has any Illegal alien apologized for their illegal behavior.

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1 Response to Stolen Social Security Number by Illegal Mexican causes arrest and Destruction of one American Family

  1. I know what you mean says:

    I know of a lady name sarah W beck who lives in pomona ca she is using a face birth certificate stating she is from the virgin island and she is here illegally from Belize city Belize. She has been forging our system for years. She used the birth certificate to get a social security card a job at att and dmV ID and forged the system by faking an injury for workers comp and took thousands of dollars from this settlement. She ownes a home and she is out disrupting justice by ruining other people lives by harrassing them. She is currently collectin welfare and wic from our system and living comfortable of the settlement check from workers comp. she is also collecting disabilty . Come on why can’t I get any of these things and I am allowed it but she can come over here through the back and get every damn thing. it is not fair. Everyone should know who she is and she should get caught Sara W beck real name sara pou and also going by sarah salazar

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