Cecilia Ramirez-mexican puta at Nursing home rationalizes illegal aliens from mexico

3Note the mexican persecution complex, which justifies all the stealing robbing and raping by Illegal aliens from Mexico. This is Mexican Logic: If the laws don’t prevail in their favor , they have the right to break them. The assumption that 38 million mexicans should be allowed to stay because A. They want  “to be here. B. Because  the United States was once Mexican territory so they have the right to steal because they were stolen from.If you read this and know of a mexican female working at a nursing home by the name below ,fire her immediately and contact ICE. She is very likely to steal and cause harm to the patients.

Cecilia Ramirez  cecy1230@yahoo.com


Following is the email from the mexican gringo hating puta Cecilia:”

Why does everyone say go back to Mexico when you refer to illegal Immigrants?

I thought Immigrants where ppl that were NOT BORN IN THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!

that means ILLEGAL Chinese, Japenese,  classIraquies, Mexicans, Guatemalans, ETC. Why is it that a say Chinese person have a normal life in usa but not a Mexican they both comited a crime since they both came in illegaly but the chinese can become a resident in 3 months time wile the Mexican has to wait 10 years!

Oh did I surprise you? I bet you didn’t know that?

yes ignorant that is why Mexicans are here Illegaly because it takes 10 years and alot of dollars to become legal, now if they were treated like every other human from any other country I would bet they would all have papers

 as well since they don’t like to be cleaning toilets or washing clothes full of shit in nurssing homes of washing your dishes or triming your fucking plants but that’s all they can do because for the next ten years they have to wait to see if some fucker might still say no to his green card because he has not had enough emotional distress to be awarded a green card.

 all the toilets he cleanded all the racist remarks he heard all the bullshit he had to endure for the ten years that he was a criminal waiting for a chance to get a green card were not enough let him wait 10 more he’s only a Mexican.

That is why all Mexicans don’t have papers and that is why they are asking for a reform not because they want to be rewarded but because all other countries have the oportunities that they don’t do your research before you say something stupid and don’t know what the fuck you talking about.
a proud Illegal Immigrant now with a green card afther being on a waiting list for 15 years fuckers

we will not leave because this is where we were the hole time oh wait you have not read your history books eather this was Mexico

pendejos grab a book before you speak.

Oh by the way I’m now a nurse taking care of your ill parents or grand parents because in case you have not noticed hospitals and nursing homes are full of former Illegal Immigrants.


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2 Responses to Cecilia Ramirez-mexican puta at Nursing home rationalizes illegal aliens from mexico

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  2. Colony14 says:

    When I was growing up in LA County I watched Illegals and Legals torture and torment Elderly Whites in Convelescent and Nursing Homes all the time.
    I told a person that worked for a Hospital and that person reported these incidents and nothing happened.
    People of America will not Awaken until it becomes PERSONAL to them in regards to their opinion of Illegals and Shamnesty.
    By that time it will be too late.
    It will take a very Bloody Civil War II/Revolution II to rid this Nation of these interloper swine and Natural disasters will do alot of work to decrease their cockroach numbers.
    A very Large LA Earthquake will happen. They don’t really bother to take it very seriously and will be victims of the earth opening up and swollowing many of these illegal cockroaches.
    Just like Sodom and Gomorrah, they too will be eliminated by Natural and Supernatural disasters.
    Already, their percentage of infected HIV/AIDs numbers are growing daily! This is a good thing.
    These cockroaches also are the putrid carriers of the SWINE Flu, and they are dropping off like the flies they are. This will also grow and increase.
    Their Hearts are Black and full of Evil.
    Their fake smiles don’t fool me as growing up in Los Angeles County afforded me the skill of being semi-bilingual enough to know exactly what they were truely saying about legal Americans.
    I know how much that hate us, and am not asleep or fooled like too many Americans are still asleep.
    When it becomes personal and they become victims of illegal crime, then they will open their eyes and arm themselves if they aren’t already, which most are armed now, and they will join in the blood bath that it will take to rid the United States of America and return it to the Constitution.
    Never will the United States become the property of Mexico.
    There are still enough Non-Hispanic Caucasians in the US to get the job done.
    Just think of the thousands upon thousands of legal American citizens that will have to WATCH as illegals and former illegals get Specialized HealthCare from Odingo, and WE will get DENIED operations, medicines, x-rays and other procedures because of RASIONING!
    This will help as people watch their loved one’s passing away rapidly. The first year after the implementation of the MediCARE Cuts and the RASHIONING will prove by the Statistics that people are burying their loved ones and a much more rapid pace, and it will FORCE AWAKEN the Asleep ones.
    This is a HARSH lesson for those still Asleep in America, but it is the reality that has to happen in order for them to become AWAKENED and AWARE of what’s happening to them and their Nation!
    Then, they will Rise Up and Stand With Us!

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