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In the Mexican State of Salem: Mexican Male Francisco Tolento-Ramiez kidnapps Gutierrez,Mexican Breeder & 3 anchor babies

 Mexican Trash Male  arrested on numerous charges including kidnapping of Mexican Breeder with 3 anchors Marion Co. Sheriff’s Office – 11/03/09 so Very Mexican, two ugly mexicans told me , as they reached in front of me to grab, that everybody … Continue reading

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Alert! Samantha Haupt returned home last night at about 11:00 PM uninjured Kidnapping Blond White Female 20 :Two Swarthy Rapists Mexicans (Illegals Latinos Hispanics) Henrike Luna-Castillo, 35 ;Alfredo Rodriguez-Lopez, 36 years of age in Mexican Occupied Salem

  UPDATE: Samantha Haupt returned home last night at about 11:00 PM uninjured. The two suspects are still being sought for their involvement in the assault of Samantha’s friend. The matter remains under investigation.  (following is the comment from someone … Continue reading

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