Mayor Chuck Blum Of Woodland sent Box containing Feces aka SHIT OT

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Woodland Police -Mayor Chuck Blum Of Woodland 3k23p53l65Q65P15R39a48f572944ea5511c3sent Box containing Feces aka SHIT OT
This has nothing to do with immigration or illegal aliens. Woodland Washington is a rural suburb of Portland, where affluent  people built mcMansions and commute.
 The Police complain about wasting taxpayer’s money, how come whenever illegal aliens smash cars, rape, murder, have anchor babies ,there is never a comment on how much money they waste? Never. Just up the road from Woodland , the Hispanic gangs have taken over apartments in Kelso, Longview and Centralia. The police are so nice about the fact that the criminals don’t speak english, so it’s hard to figure out which swarthy midget stabbed which swarthy midget. Never a comment about how yep this cuban or mexican just ran a tab up at the local hosipital after getting stabbed in some gang brawl.
Yes and another thing , How many of the Affulents in Woodland have illegal Mexican gardeners and nannies  commuting from the slums of Kelso? ( when I say affluents I do not mean gasoline runoff into the sewer system)
A suspicious box left behind the Woodland City Hall Annex this morning was found to contain feces/excrement.

At about 6:45 a.m., Woodland Police were summoned to the Annex, 230 Davidson Ave., after arriving employees found a suspicious box sitting outside the read door of the building. The box was addressed, in hand writing, to Mayor Chuck Blum. picture of Mayor Blum :
After ascertaining, as best as possible, that no one was expecting any kind of delivery, police and fire officials on scene called for the Portland-Clark County bomb squad.

Once bomb squad personnel arrived, the box was examined and x-rayed. Still unable to make a determination on the contents, a water canon was used to destroy the box. It was then that the box was found to contain either human or animal feces/excrement.

The scene was declared safe just before 8:30 a.m.

According to Police Chief Rob Stephenson, “This was an absolutely monumental waste of time and resources. The assumption would be that this is some kind of political statement, possibly about a recent raise in city water and sewer rates. Whatever the intent was, hundreds if not thousands of dollars were literally thrown away in the emergency response to this nonsense. Unfortunately, in this day and age especially, that’s the game we have to play when dealing with suspicious packages

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