Call Senate NO on Health bill: House Passes Health Care Bill That Allows Illegal-Alien Access

  • 1f012b1393m63p13o38ca5b0e82399da91e99House Passes Health Care Bill That Allows Illegal-Alien Access

  • Call Fax Corrupt Senate Now

  • Obama’s Goal is to provide free medical and dental for everyone on the planet-And there you have it. The majority of us are not lawyers (thank God!). You cannot understand what is being done with this bill if you don’t know what is in it. Only a few people have read enough of it to know what it says……most trust their representative to do that. But our representatives didn’t DO IT…..they couldn’t (not their fault). None of this is going to be understood by the masses until it effects them in their own life.

    The timing of all this is the important factor. Much of this bill is delayed until after the 2010 elections. Plus, they have reserved nearly 80% of the stimulus money to dump on the market in the months just before election time. There will be jobs available in the infrastructure. The economy is going to look good. The unemployment figures will be lowered. Most people will forget all about what the whistleblowers have told them about what is coming down the road. They will re-elect the same pack of thieves that will rob them of their liberty and property. The crash wont be felt until 2011 and by then it will be too late. If the bill isn’t stopped in the Senate, I can’t see anything that is going to stop all the rest of that from happening. America was a great government back when we had a great government.

Updated Saturday, November 7, 2009, 11:30 PM EST – posted on NumbersUSA

Tonight, the House passed by a slim 220-215 margin a health care reform bill (H.R. 3962) that excludes the restrictions necessary to prevent illegal aliens from accessing benefits. This set up a potential conference committee battle since President Obama and the Senate support tighter restrictions.

The House bill would allow illegal aliens to use the new health care “exchange” and would not require verification to keep illegal aliens out of the other parts of the proposed federal health care system.

The Congressional Hispanic Caucus had threatened to vote against the bill if additional verification measures were added. Nydia Velazquez, the chairwoman of the CHC, said “We made it very clear that 20 votes in the Hispanic Caucus will be supportive of the current language in the House version…If the language changes, I guess then you’re going to have 20 votes that will change.” They have prevailed for the moment.

See this House Republican Study Committee analysis of how illegal aliens can gain access to the proposed health care system under the bill.

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