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Intel Hires Indians (Yagna Jyothy Vemuri Process Engineer at Intel )from India instead of American college Grads?

Intel is not supposed to hire foriegn workers on the H1-b program unless there are no Americans for the job and lets face it there were plenty of qualified applicants.  Yagna Jyothy Vemuri a hindu and foreign national has an anchor baby … Continue reading

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Rules for H1-b workers- most H1-b job theives are illegal in Oregon

H1-B workers  arent temporary ,since no one ever sends them home This came off of the OHSU site, which employees many foreign workers.One of the scams against American workers has been cutting back on Nursing schools in the United States, so we are forced to … Continue reading

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Broke Beaners Wetbacks Spics and Illegal Mexicans to receive Food Baskets In Broke Beaverton (due to Mexican Invaders and Anchor babies

City of Beaverton and Oregon Food Bank to Host Emergency Food Distribution for Broke Beaners Wetbacks Spics and Illegal Mexicans to receive Food Baskets In Broke Beaverton due to Mexican Invaders City of Beaverton – 11/13/09   There arent any … Continue reading

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Mukesh Suthar Indian National in Beaverton Oregon murders Varsha H1-b Worker from India and Child with gun * deport Kavitah Rachakatla*-three found dead in Bethany Murder-Suicide-

o Mukesh Suthar didnt murder because he had depression issues, that’s for Americans. He murdered because he was an illegal alien, his H1-b visa expired, Intel wasn’t throwing the White Collar Bucks at him anymore,. His wife was working illegally as a hairdresser. … Continue reading

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