Jose Guadalupe Pinedaleon, illegal mexican gangster attempted murder of Illegal "Spanish only" Mexican, Yesenia Vehar-Fombona Deport Now Call ICE

Jose Guadalupe Pinedaleon,  illegal mexican gangster attempted murder of mexican Yesenia Vehar-Fombona Deport Now Call ICE It is so obvious that the female is illegal and a mexican that KGW and KATU news ommitted her name and the spanish bar she worked at and the fact she only speaks spanish, to hide from the public how bad the Mexicans are in Oregon. This should have ICE written all over it.

 Damn,Yesenia Vehar-Fombona the illegal mexican works in a bar, has two kids, an ex husband and a gangster boyfriend who tries to kill her.  The latina with a lexus leaves her car at 3:30 a.m. Saturday morning along the freeway–it is described as a late model Lexus, Black, 4-door sedan.2009 Lexus GS 350
The Gangster mexican named Jose drove a 2008 sedan.  Sounds like a gangster girl to me , most likely with sharpie eyebrows and an aggressive manner.

 Yesenia Vehar-Fombona has been in Oregon  long enough to learn english yet she  only speaks spanish?

  So how does a Mexican  barmaid drive such a nice car and how does Joes afford one? Bet she is a double dipper.

Maybe Jose had a reason .. who knows……If you read the original police report, you can tell the Victim was no innocent. Yesenia Vehar-Fombona knew how to take apart his  gun in the bathroom something most women wouldnt.

The Police fell all over her story and bought it all.

 I bet it was her minskirt or big breasts, cause most of the time the police could care less.

I think I would like to know more myself.

Of course,  a white woman, an American, risked her life to save the latina with a lexus, and the latina with a lexus was more then willing to ask this of an American.

JOSE PINEDALEON125831817447252100


A Beaverton illegal alien from mexico breeder woman kidnapped and threatened by her ex-boyfriend early Saturday morning managed to escape and get help from the Clackamas County Sheriff’s Office.

As a result, deputies arrested Jose Guadalupe Pinedaleon, 33, that evening. He is lodged in the Clackamas County Jail on attempted murder and first-degree kidnapping charges.

 Santa Claus calls the incident “shocking” and describes the 26-year-old victim, Yesenia Vehar-Fombona, as “extremely illegal and  a slut.” Santa Claus also says someone might be getting stale tacos in their christmas stocking and  who was the dumb ass who gave her a ride? Let them do their mexican thing and then deport them.

 Accordcid_16_1280148791web83804_mail_sp1_ing to Santa Claus, the incident began around 3 a.m. Saturday when Pinedaleon showed up at Vehar-Fombona’s really illegal job at the El Vaquero sports bar, 13456 S.E. McLoughlin Blvd., in Milwaukie.  Report the Sports bar and the illegal sharpie mexican to ICE:


Immigration and Customs

Attn: Investigations

511 NW Broadway

Portland Oregon97209

Deputies said Pinedaleon apparently had been drinking and followed Vehar-Fombona to her car when she finished her shift.

Pinedaleon attemtped to talk Vehar-Fombona into staying with him, but she refused and drove out of the parking lot toward her home and children. Pinedaleon followed her in his vehicle along

Interstate 205 and called on her cell phone, saying, “If you don’t pullover now I’m going to kill you!”  uh oh I hope he didnt do that in Washington cause he might get a ticket for talking on a cell phone.

Deputies said Pinedaleon then pulled alongside Vehar-Fombona’s vehicle and fired at least one bullet from a handgun into the driver’s side as they drove along I-205 southbound, near the Stafford Road exit.

Fearing for her life, Vehar-Fombona pulled over and Pinedaleon forced her into his car. He then drove her to an isolated rural area near Woodland or Battleground, Wash.

After several hours of holding Vehar-Fombona against her will and threatening her, Pinedaleon fell asleep and she was able to slip the handgun away from him and run from the car.

As she was fleeing, Vehar-Fombona was able to flag down an oncoming car. The woman driving the car stopped and picked her up.

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3 Responses to Jose Guadalupe Pinedaleon, illegal mexican gangster attempted murder of Illegal "Spanish only" Mexican, Yesenia Vehar-Fombona Deport Now Call ICE

  1. Crystal says:
    This is not even Yessenia Fombona
    u swear Jose is gonna go out with a fat bitch like this he got better taste yessenia is just hidding her face cuz she knows she is the blame of all of this and her bitch ass is blameing Jose if he did that is because she must have done something to provoke him to get to that point. And about the car she must have gotten it for being a hoe and he isnt a fucken gangster so get ur shit straight

    • stoptheinvasionoforegon says:

      thanks Crystal- I thought Y—- was a bit of gangster bitch too, thats why I made fun of the police report and put in the ugly latina picture.
      I think shes a bit of a Whore too, and I want her deported.

  2. NIKI says:

    That’s what the typical Latina looks like. Makes me glad to be blonde and scandanavian. They are so uggglllllyyyyy!!! They really need help on their makeup!

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