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LIberal Activists Coach Illegal Mexicans to Practice Welfare Fraud

Illegals in Oregon.. ——————————————————————————– I have read and heard many times that Oregon is now getting over-run with the Mexican illegals and that violent crime is quickly on the rise. Is this so? 03-11-2008, 04:42 PM BLAZER PROPHET Senior Member … Continue reading

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Oregon battles Mexican drug gangs' marijuana fields-Mexican Drug Cartel and Mexicans have taken over our wild Lands too- 19-year-old Jose Fernandez-Alcazar, from the state of Michoacan

Oregon battles Mexican drug gangs’ marijuana fields This is not about your drug habit,its about Mexican criminals ( who are not vegan or hip and who love to cut off heads with machetes)  ruining every square inch of Oregon. Tell … Continue reading

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LA VONGPANYA Asian Immigrant Drug Dealer Busted 40 lbs marijuana

LA VONGPANYA Asian Immigrant Drug Dealer Busted 40 lbs marijuanaOSP Traffic Stop Leads to 40 lbs. of Marijuana, Another Ugly Immigrant  and perhaps illegal too,The Idiot had out of state plates and was swerving in and out of lanes drawing … Continue reading

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Pedro & Maria Drug Dealers Detectives Arrest Two Mexican Illegals with Meth,Forest Grove Take anchor baby into Protective Custody Pedro Garcia-Pineda,Maria Cervantes-Oseguera,

Detectives Arrest Two Mexican Illegals with Meth, Take anchor baby into Protective Custody Washington Co. Sheriff’s Office – 10/30/09 2009-10/1128/WC2_0039.JPG Summary of Event: Yesterday morning WIN detectives served a search warrant at an apartment in Forest Grove. Detectives arrested two of the … Continue reading

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