UPdate Lopez-Perez gets 17 months sentence for killing Erika Rubi Meza 2 yr old Mexican Anchor Toddler Killed by Juan ****hit and run in Mexican Slum of Salem by Illegal Mexican Male Juan Lopez-Perez




Ilegal alien Juan Lopez perez- gets 17 months for killing anchor brat Erika Meza, > Martha Meza is also illegal and should be deported.

from another site :”What kind of fucked up parent lets their kid run around a parking lot? MEXICANS !!!!!!!This is a HUGE issue in my apartment complex… There’s a few familys in my complex that let their young children run around the parking lot (Most don’t speak english, so when you complain to them they just stare at you.). About 5 years ago, A 3 year old was actually hit by a pickup in my apartments because he ran out from between two parked cars and was hit by the truck. He was pinned under the vehicle, but only got broken bones if my memory serves me right.

It’s really fucked up when I have to stop 90 times while driving through my small parking lot because small children and cats don’t seem to have a clue that they should move out of the roadway when cars are coming. :2angry:

Erika Rubi Meza Mexican Anchor Toddler hit and run in Mexican Slum of Salem by Illegal Mexican Male Juan Lopez-Perez . Just another day In Mexican Occupied Salem. First A  Mexican Illegal Breeder-whore Martha Meza lets her small anchor brats run loose in the parking lot of an apartment complex.

This is clearly  in violation of the Rules of Apartment  complexes., which are never enforced unless you ask for repairs and then they throw the book at you. Salem is Mexico. The police need to use their energies in letting the mexicans know they will be deported, but they are probably afraid of being killed by the Mexicans, since Marth Meza , is an illegal alien who speaks only spanish, and the mexican Juan has an ICE  HOLD. The parking lot is a wetback stronghold and mexican candles are placed where the anchor brat died. Clearly all of them belong in Mexico where they can drive drunk breed and run each other over at their leisure.Turns out the Mexican Juan knew he killed Ericka but he was illegal or undocumented so he ran to save his ass and those are Mexican Values in a nutshell.Erika’s mother, who speaks only spanish, spoke to KOIN Local 6 through an interpreter.  Martha Meza said of her daughter, “She was really special. She was really special to her and to other people. If it was an accident, why didn’t he stop to help the little girl? She wants him to pay for what he did.” (Lopez-Perez is being held on $80,000 dollars bail, and is also under an ICE Hold.  That mean the INS is concerned about his legal residency status.  Meanwhile, at Meza’s apartment complex, more than a dozen candles now sit where the young girl was killed.
Breeders like Martha never get reported to ICEMartha the Illegal Mexican Breeder wants Juan the Illegal Mexican to Pay for what he did. No,he  shouldn’t. He should be deported and so should Martha  and both should be sterilized first. Typical Mexican Puta, she thinks the parking lot is a playground . If this was Mexico , no one would even care that Juan killed her anchor brat.




 Deport Martha Meza and Family


Immigration and Customs

Attn: Investigations

511 NW Broadway

Portland Oregon97209

 If you know someone who is either illegal and not paying taxes such as a gardener or  a sidewalk taco dealer,  I  suggest you submit IRS Form 3949-A



 So the little girl with the white,Nordic name gets killed.  Bravo ,one anchor baby gone , this will save the American White taxpayers about $200000.

 Americans are really tired of the way Mexicans never watch their brats, they run all over the place grabbing this and that , throwing things on the floor and the parents let them. Go to the Goodwill and even the Mexicans who work there can’t get the Mexicans to manage their kids. They say the Mexicans bring their anchors  and leave them all day , never minding them. But try telling a mexican to mind their brat and watch their hatred. The Anchor brats running all over and joining gangs is their own brand of terrorism.



By the way, a new trend of Mexican illegals is to give their kids white american names, like Kevin and Erika so they will blend. You might call them Amnesty is coming names. It’s sorta like all the illegals who shave their black Indian hair and wear baseball caps so Americans won’t know they are illegal aliens. Not so, as soon as I see a shaved head I think Hispanic illegal and gang member.The Sharpie eyebrows of Mexican females, originated because Mexican Indians have heavy brows with thick black eyebrows, by shaving them off the Mexican females think they look Anglo, but they don’t, Non-Mexicans are fasicanated by the sharpies eyebrows.

But back to the death of the anchor brat, a mexican named Juan drives like crap and kills the kid and leaves. Mexicans do this all the time.Its normal, break the law, drive drunk , kill people. Whatever. If the laws about drivers licences had been tightened up ten years ago, none of these mexicans would be here.

But the police just love those illegal, puta ,latinas so they went after him and now Americans get to pay for his jail time, when everyone involved in this should have been deported.




Salem Police Dept. – 11/25/09

SALEM POLICE DEPARTMENT2 year old struck and killed while walking in parking lot.On November 24th at 5:52 PM, the Salem Police Department and Salem Fire Department were dispatched to 3876 Sunnyview Rd NE regarding a child that was struck by a vehicle in the parking lot of the Stoneridge Apartments. The child, 2 year old Erika Rubi Meza was struck by a pickup truck that left the scene after the incident. Due to her injuries, Erika Meza died at the scene.

A subsequent investigation showed Erika and her sister were walking through the parking lot of the apartment complex when a white Ford four door pickup truck struck Erika. The truck continued through the parking lot and left the scene on Sunnyview Rd NE.



The Salem Police Traffic Unit was called in to conduct the crash investigation and remained on scene until 11:00 pm. Later in the evening at 11:40 pm, the Salem Police Department received information advising the truck involved in the accident was located in the 2100 block of Maple Avenue NE in Salem. Officers responded to the scene and ultimately arrested Juan Lopez-Perez for Felony Hit and Run. Lopez-Perez is 31 years old and a illegal alien from MexicoSalem resident. Lopez-Perez was lodged in the Marion County Jail and is set for arraignment at 1 p.m. today. This incident is still under investigation. Anyone with information is encouraged to call the Salem Police Department Traffic Unit at 503-588-6171. Further information will be released by the Marion County District Attorney’s Office. 













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6 Responses to UPdate Lopez-Perez gets 17 months sentence for killing Erika Rubi Meza 2 yr old Mexican Anchor Toddler Killed by Juan ****hit and run in Mexican Slum of Salem by Illegal Mexican Male Juan Lopez-Perez

  1. Anonymous says:

    clarice2521@yahoo.com Lori

    you only moderate your comments because you know people would rip you a new one! I hope you get hit by a mac truck you ig-nit puddle of vermin!

    • stoptheinvasionoforegon says:

      No I just get bored with people hating on me , threatening me, attacking me …. its boring …..I never see an intelligent response in any of the comments
      I mean wow- wishing a violent death on me for pointing out that the illegal mexican Martha should not have let her kid out in the parking lot –or the mexican is a typical lying coward. now instead of being arrested and deported , shes taking money from legal Americans. she deserves none of it- just a typical breeder parasite

  2. Anonymous says:

    n.melendres69@yahoo.com naomi

    go to hell you white piece of shit honkeys mexicans are this and that but lets see whos nasty dirty kids are in the system? yep the white fucks!

    • stoptheinvasionoforegon says:

      go to http://www.immigrationcounters.com you will find that more than half a million mexican hispanics are in our prisons and those are the ones inside ,even more are out on bail , running around loose,
      nope, criminal behavior is condoned in mexican culture, otherwise 38 million of you wouldnt have lied etc to come to the US so you could lie and steal some more.
      Ericka’s mother- or mexican breeder, martha meza needs to be arrested and or deported along with the rest of her breeder cluster.

  3. BWest says:

    While I agree with most of what you are saying, you say it in a very demeaning way. Which I’m sure is intentional.

    • stoptheinvasionoforegon says:

      obviously it is intentional to counteract the traditional media and to put illegals on notice that Americans are very unhappy with them.
      You may have noticed I want Martha Meza deported.

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