Update! Four Mexican Illegals hit by ARISTEO PEREZ AGUILAR Illegal Mexican In Mexitrash Gresham Oregon ! Deport REYES CRUZ Deport JUAN VELASQUEZ LUNDA of Gresham.


Four Mexican Illegals hit by Legal White Male In Mexitrash Gresham Oregon !  Deport REYES CRUZ  Deport JUAN VELASQUEZ LUNDA of Mexico .Gresham Police Dept – 11/27/09

SE Stark & SE 181st

HIT & RUN SUSPECT wasn’t a white male but aARISTEO PEREZ AGUILAR illegal , swarthy mulatto non-white Mexican illegal with no driver’s license LOCATED AND ARRESTED 

( shame on the Gresham Police for saying he was a white male- Mexico doesnt send white males to the US)

Gresham Police Dept – 11/28/09

On November 28, 2009 at 8:05 am Gresham Officers observed a suspect vehicle involved in a Felony Hit & Run from the day before driving in the area of Burnside and SE 202nd. Officers made the traffic stop and contacted the driver who verbally identified himself as 26 year old ARISTEO PEREZ AGUILAR of Gresham. After a short conversation via a Spanish interpreter PEREZ confessed to the Hit & Run, which occurred at SE 181st and SE Stark. He told Officers that he was scared and was very sorry for what he had done.(Lying mexican BS to cover his ass- mexicans will do anything to stay in the States, even kill people , this is the second hit and run by a mexican in one week ,and both were illegal and both hit mexicans, ) He was taken into custody and transported to MCDC. It should be noted that his identity has not yet been confirmed as he had no identification on him at the time of the arrest. PEREZ is charged with the following:

2 counts of Felony Hit & Run bail $10,000.00
1 count of Reckless Driving bail $2500.00
4 counts of Recklessly Endangering bail $10,000.00
4 counts of Assault IV bail $10,000.00
3 counts of Criminal Mischief II bail $7500.00
1 count of Failure to Carry/Display a Driver’s License bail $1000.00

Sgt. Richard Wilson
Pager 503-301-5182

****Additional Charge now listed above for Assault*******

SE Stark & SE 181st

This should be considered good news ,except of course, the mexicans and thier anchor babies survived and ran up another hospital bill at the taxpayer’s expense.

 Look at the signs in the area you can see numerous  shops run by illegals with  spanish signs ,and how over-populated Oregon is with Mexican Illegals. Oregon is crawling with them. What the Gresham Police should have done is check their immigration status for I am certain they are illegal and if they had stayed in Mexico or El Salvador they wouldn’t have gotten hit in the first place.

 November 27, 2009

Four Mexican Illegals hit by  ARISTEO PEREZ AGUILAR In Mexitrash Gresham Oregon !  Deport REYES CRUZ Deport ALEJANDRO REYES CRUZ


On November 27, 2009 at approximately 2:45 pm 30 year old ALEJANDRO REYES CRUZ of Gresham & his family   Mexico were stopped for a red light facing Southbound in the left turn lane on SE Stark at SE 181st. While waiting for the light REYES CRUZ was suddenly struck from behind by a pick up truck, which left the scene Eastbound on SE 181st. The force of the impact pushed his car forward into another vehicle being operated by 24 year old JUAN VELASQUEZ LUNDA of Gresham. Mexico REYES CRUZ, his wife and 6 year old son     anchor baby ( one of 4 million in the US and 3 million are mexican) were all injured with neck, stomach and back pain. They were all transported to area hospitals for treatment. VELASQUEZ LUNDA was also injured with neck & back pain. He too was transported to the hospital. Everyone was wearing their seatbelts and the child was properly secured in a booster seat.

The suspect is described as a White Male hit by ARISTEO PEREZ AGUILAR illegal no license , no ID , no English mexican piece of trash-approximately 20 years of age. The vehicle is described as a dark tan or light brown Chevrolet pick up . The vehicle should have moderate front-end damage. If anyone has any information on the whereabouts of this person and/or the vehicle please contact the Gresham Police.

***Picture Attached****

Sgt. Richard Wilson
Pager 503-301

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