Illegal Mexican Farm-workers & Anchor babies given $3,625,000 in 2010 tax credits ($7.25 million in eligible costs) for housing while Legal Oregonians are Homeless : Contact OHCS

Illegal Mexican Farmworkers & Anchor babies given  $3,625,000 in 2010 tax credits ($7.25 million in eligible costs) for housing while Legal Oregonians are Homeless : Contact OHCS 

( see housing for Mexican gardeners in Crime ridden Mexican Woodburn Oregon, where the police must speak spanish and the Mayor answers to the Mexican Consulate)

  This is how Woodburn, Oregon was formed, by Illegal Mexicans and Anchors Not Self deporting,and  catered to by the American Taxpayer. The farmers import Illegals from Mexico, don’t provide them with housing, so taxpayers have to spend money building houses for the Mexicans, when they themselves cannot afford produce , heating or housing themselves. Great system.There are entire apartment complexes , just for mexicans in Washington County ,Oregon and they are not required to work as farmworkers, all they have to do is speak spanish.

 The Grandson of Migrants , who called whites “Cabbage faces”  was right, we aren’t worth as much as one cabbage to our Government. Hire Americans to pick produce and give them a tri-met pass, we could save billions that way.


Funds available for farmworker housing
Oregon Housing and Community Services – 12/08/09

News Release
December 8, 2009Contact: Loren Shultz, 503-986-2008
Lisa Joyce, 503-986-0951Funds available for farmworker housingSalem – Oregon Housing and Community Services (OHCS) today announced a funding opportunity for farmworker housing. The agency’s Farmworker Housing Tax Credit program for 2010 will make available $3,625,000 in 2010 tax credits ($7.25 million in eligible costs) to construct, acquire and/or rehabilitate housing for low- or very-low-income farmworkers.

“Tax-credit supported housing projects benefit families, children, and the communities in which they live,” said OHCS Director Victor Merced. “Children do better in school because of the housing. Families become more stable. And, farmers and growers have a steady and permanent labor force.”

In December 2000, a Legislative report concluded that Oregon lacked an adequate supply of safe and healthful housing for farmworkers. The Farmworker Housing Tax Credit provides a state income tax credit to investors who incur costs to construct, install, acquire or rehabilitate farmworker housing. The credit can apply to up to 50 percent of eligible costs paid or incurred.

Since 2002, the tax credit has supported the development of 60 projects with 975 units of safe and healthy housing all over Oregon.

Housing developers can take the credits over a five-year period. Developers can also sell the tax credits and thereby provide an infusion of capital and leverage other private and public funds. New rules for 2010 will make it easier for projects seeking other state or federal funds to use the credits.

Farmworker housing is housing that is occupied only by farmworkers and their immediate families. The housing may be year-round or seasonal, in-town or on-farm. The housing must be located in Oregon and remain designated for farmworker use for a minimum of 10 years.

Since 2002, community housing development corporations and local housing authorities used 88 percent of the tax credit dollars to develop multi-family housing for farmworkers. The remaining credits supported housing developed, acquired, installed, or rehabilitated by growers, mostly for “on-farm” housing.

OHCS will take applications for the tax credits on a first-come, first-served basis beginning January 2, 2010, and continuing through December 31, 2010. For more information please contact Loren Shultz, OHCS program advisor, at 503-986-2008 or email

Oregon Housing and Community Services is the state’s housing finance agency and community services program administrator. The department provides financial and program support to create and preserve opportunities for quality, affordable housing serving Oregonians of lower and moderate income, and administers federal and state antipoverty, homeless, energy assistance and community service programs.

The OHCS mission is to “Provide leadership that enables Oregonians to gain housing, become self-sufficient and achieve prosperity.” Visit

– 30 –

Attached Media Files: 2009-12/1810/12-08-09-NewsRelease.pdf

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3 Responses to Illegal Mexican Farm-workers & Anchor babies given $3,625,000 in 2010 tax credits ($7.25 million in eligible costs) for housing while Legal Oregonians are Homeless : Contact OHCS

  1. Lonnie Banark says:

    How did my name get on this site? I posted on under LonnieLeeBanark. Am I supposed to be inviewed or surprised? When November elections are done I think The Mexicans are not going to like what’s going to happen to them in the year 2011

    • stoptheinvasionoforegon says:

      you must have posted here by mistake , I no longer have a link to mexicans go home because they posted a link to a hard core porn site on their site.

  2. Lonnie Banark says:

    I find that a little hard to believe unless a Mexican did it. It’s about time to turn the clock back 30 years and start a Mass Deportation of Mexicans, there children, grandchildren. They are nothing but a bunch of Thieves and cowards. The United States had a Civil War, World War One and Two, Korean War, Viet Nam War, Desert Storm. There were no Mexicans fighting, dying or shedding blood in the Defense of the United States. These Freeloading Mexicans are in the United States to steal, Jobs, Education, Medical Treatment, Food Stamps, Welfare, TANF. None of the Mexicans in the last 30 years haven’t earned any right to be in the United States. They have mastered the art of Forgery, Fraud, and ID Theft. There Children and Grandchildren are stealing jobs that

    belong to the United States Children that are growing up and want to save up for there first Car. The Adult Mexicans are Making a career of working at McDonald’s, Jack in the Box, Burger King. I say Deport all of them dating back 30 years ago.

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