Keep Sharpies Away From Mexicans

Maria Ruiz gives head- note her sharpie eyebrows and the three anchor babies watching- mexican family valuesafter looking at hundreds of mug shots of mexican nationals arrested in Oregon- you know the hardworking ones with family values, I finally understood why Mexican Females  are drawn to Sharpie Eyebrows.

  It’s the same reason Mexican males of mostly Indian background shave their heads and wear baseball caps: To hide that they aren’t white, legal or American.

 You see the natives of Mexico have thick broad features and bones,they are short and squat and thick. Their eyebrows on their heavy wide brows are very thick and dense and not European or White in any way. Many appear to have chinese or african ancestry which isn’t suprising because Mexico had 100,000 African Slaves who bred with the local Indian population.

So by shaving off their eyebrows and filling it in with eyebrow pencil and throwing bleach or their hair, they think they look whiter.

 They don’t. The shaved eyebrows, heads and baseball caps say one thing: illegal alien from Mexico.

 ps remember many Mestizo mexicans are also black African. The Cop is mexican from woodburn oregon, who shot an Irishman and killed him and just about the next week , it was found he was having sex with a 12 yr old girl – a mexican , and of course no longer is a police officer. You can take the mexican out of mexico but they will still be rapists liars crooks


typical mexican breeders at garage sale in Oregon

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7 Responses to Keep Sharpies Away From Mexicans

  1. Anonymous says:


    I bet you are even a much inferior life form compared to these poor bastards. I guess that makes you smell like shit, be accompanied by flies, and not so white after all, a total TURD.
    Why don’t you check the color of your asshole, if it’s pink, you might be white, but I’m sure it’s brown or red, which makes you non-white, just like these Mexicans.

  2. WereAllEqual says:

    It doesn’t matter what color you are, anyone could have done horrible things; But you just love to point out the bad in one race to make them seem “inferior” when the actual truth is white people have done some pretty bad shit themselves as well!

    Maybe if your head wasn’t shoved so far up your ass you could have realized this sooner before you make a mockery out of a race you know nothing about you halfwit!

    One more thing: I’ve met people from every culture and there’s always good, hardworking people. But there’s also some who are fucked up in their head and do the wrong things(

    Whether they’re Black,White,Latino or Asian you’ll find alot of bad people in each group only if your looking hard enough) . My advice to you is to not acknowledge the persons shade of skin and to ONLY acknowledge their choice of actions. Because your just looking up one race to see if they’re genuinely bad when there are tons tons of WHITE people who are more notorious than a simple bank robber.

    You obviously know nothing about evil. I hope one day you come to find out that race doesn’t make the individual evil, the mentality does

    • stoptheinvasionoforegon says:

      you are so right and I plan to take my head out of my white ass one of these days and embrace the brilliance and wit of your comments.

  3. NIKI says:

    HAHAHA, You r so right. The Latinas son’t have a clue. They are so ugly and fat. Makes me proud to be Scandinavian blonde. They try so hard with their orange hair and sharpie eyebrows. They are crocked and nasty. Sew up these skanks private so they can’t reproduce and they do NOT have family values. Love your website. Keep the stuff coming and for the ones who love them so much, let them come live with you, rape your kids, and stink up your house!!

  4. NIKI says:

    Another thing, The girl in the pink bikini, now that’s just scary. I’m sure she didn’t make the cover of Playboy, LMAO. The fat lard azz in front of the height chart. Now that’s a typical Mexican Latina that so mant warm and fuzzy americans think are exotic. Get some glasses!!!

  5. Anonymous says:

    Whoever wrote this is plain wrong an ignorant. To take a few pictures and make a general assumption of all Hispanic people, [or Mexicans, since all Hispanic people are obviously Mexican in your eyes] is flat out wrong. Not all Hispanics are in gangs, drugs, or unemployed. Am I supposed to look at a common hick and make a general assumption of all Caucasian people as a whole?
    There are educated Hispanics with good family values, just because some lady decides to suck a dick off a cake in front of children doesn’t mean they all do.

    I’m Mexican and I’m a University GRADUATE….which I’m sure is A LEVEL YOU’LL NEVER ACHIEVE:]

    • stoptheinvasionoforegon says:

      mexicans are so easily impressed by acheivements that are commonplace for non-hispanics, such as graduating from college.

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