Aztlan Aztec Ceremony In La Raza Mexican- Occupied Woodburn Oregon @ Maclaren Youth Correctional Facility By Oregon Youth Authority

Traditional Aztec coming-of-age ceremony scheduled Saturday at MacLaren Youth Correctional Facility in Woodburn
Oregon Youth Authority Deport Woodburn Deport Aztec Dancers

There is so much outrage and irony here I don’t know where to begin:
State Monies being used to stop Mexicans from committing crimes, when it is part of their culture and they simply need to be deported?
Or the fact that this is hush hush and Americans who paid for this ceremony are being locked out by the typical fascist La Raza types,or the subtle acknowledgement that Mexicans cause most of the crimes in Oregon( besides blacks that is )
[Note: Journalists are welcome to cover this event, which will not be open to the public; please do not publicize the event in advance. Journalists may interview youth with staff approval, although neither photographs nor names of youth may be used.]

Nine Hispanic youth Mexican anchor babies who have been learning about the culture of the Aztecs, the source of many Latin Mexican Cannibalistic tribes, will participate Saturday in a colorful   m( for brown skinned only)  “coming of age” ceremony at MacLaren Youth Correctional Facility in Woodburn.

Koakoatl, from the Anawak Nation, takes part in the Chichimek Aztec prayer dance

Oregon Youth Authority Discriminates against white european Youths,  while using money provided by white taxpayers.

The ceremony featuring dancers in traditional regalia and led by Willan Cervantes will begin at 1 p.m. in the MacLaren auditorium. As many as 20 dancers from the community are expected to participate.

( bulLshit)The activity is a part of fulfilling the Oregon Youth Authority’s mission of protecting the public and reducing crime by holding youthful offenders accountable and providing opportunities for reformation in safe environments.

“The ceremony is one in which Aztec young men come of age, learning to conquer their emotions, be good citizens and protect community values,” said Steve Llanes, MacLaren’s Native American services coordinator. bullshit
they arent Aztecs, they are living in Oregon, and if they get special ceremonies ,then why dont the White boys get Viking ceremonies or Roman Ceremonies? For the Race Everything and stick it to the whites to pick up the tab.
He said the nine youth Mexicans have been learning about the Aztec culture, ( not American Culture- Not what is expected of Americans)

the meaning of its ceremonies and have made their own regalia incorporating personal symbols based on the day and time they were born. “It teaches a way of life and relates to changing offender behavior,” Llanes said. “It teaches a healthy way of life by connecting back to the culture.”

He said he would like to offer similar cultural experiences for other cultures as resources permit.

OYA has custody of approximately 900 youthful offenders ages 12-25 in correctional and transitional facilities in Albany, Burns, Florence, Grants Pass, La Grande, Salem, Tillamook, Warrenton and Woodburn, and the agency supervises approximately 1

,000 youth on parole and probation. ( almost all hispanic or mexican)
 If they are Aztec they need to pack their bags and return to Mexico, this is not their land.


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3 Responses to Aztlan Aztec Ceremony In La Raza Mexican- Occupied Woodburn Oregon @ Maclaren Youth Correctional Facility By Oregon Youth Authority

  1. Anonymous says:

    putting a z on everything doesnt make it mexican,. but while you are at it please do start ripping out the hearts of your people it will save the american taxpayer money
    stoptheinvasionforegon AZTLAN ===AZTLAN EMPIRE

    -NUEVO MEXICO–Nuevo Mexico

  2. Anonymous says:

    this info sucked
    Alexa makar

  3. yourmom says:

    I do agree that they discriminate against white youth as afr as that goes because i was there so i saw some thigs first hand

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