Hillsboro Oregon Illegal Mexicans AVILA-NAVA, CELSO, and AVILA-VILLA, BENIGNO, Carjacking at gunpoint of Illegal Mexicans Arrested! Two Mexicans for Robbery, Kidnapping, and Theft of Vehicles- Mexicans Gangsters tied up Mexicans with shoelaces

Hillsboro Police Arrest Two Men  Mexicans for Robbery, Kidnapping, and Theft of Vehicles
Hillsboro Police Dept. – 12/24/09

Mexican Values once again, steal if you cant get it legally , the whole lot of them should be deported,because even the victims are criminals avila villa
avila villa

On 12/23/09 at 2:40 PM Officer Cannon of Hillsboro Police was flagged down near 7th and Washington streets by DEPORT Eduardo Ochoa-Vivanco Sr DEPORT stating that he and his son, Eduardo Ochoa-Vivanco Jr had just been the victim’s of a robbery at their residence at 535 SE 8th Avenue in Hillsboro and the suspects had taken their two vehicles. Officer Cannon dispatched the vehicle descriptions to officers in the area.

At 2:47 PM, Officers from Hillsboro police, Tri-Met police, and Hillsboro detectives located the two vehicles, a 2001 Ford Mustang and a 2000 GMC Yukon at Brookwood Pkwy and Dawson Creek Drive. The officers detained two subjects after a felony traffic stop and began the investigation.

After transporting the suspects, AVILA-NAVA, CELSO, age 28, and AVILA-VILLA, BENIGNO, age 19 to the Hillsboro police department, the elements of the crime became clear.

On 12/23/09 at 1:30 PM, Avila-Nava and Avila-Villa went to the Ochoa Vivanco residence at 535 SE 8th Ave armed with a b/b gun and a .22 cal handgun and confronted Ochoa-Vivanco Jr demanding his Ford Mustang and GMC Yukon at gunpoint and the titles to the vehicles. Ochoa-Vivanco Sr. was away at the DMV. The three waited for him to return and then confronted him at gunpoint with the same demands. After driving the victims at gunpoint to Aloha to retrieve the title for the GMC, the suspects returned the victims back home and tied them up with shoelaces. The suspects fled the location in the stolen vehicles and the victims were able to free themselves and then contact police as described in this release.

The victims were not injured during this kidnapping and robbery and their vehicles were returned to them.

AVILA-NAVA, CELSO and AVILA-VILLA, BENIGNO were transported to the Washington County Jail under arrested for the following charges:
Robbery-1 (2 cts)
Kidnapping-1 (2 cts)
Burglary-1 (2 cts)
Unauthorized Use of a Vehicle (2cts)
Possession of a Stolen Vehicle (2cts) and add’l charges of unlawful use of a weapon, Menacing. The bail for each is set at $680,000.

The victims of these crimes are unavailable for media interviews.

Photos of the suspects attached.

# # #PHred from OFIR wrote:”

There is widely known proof that Mexico not only KNOWS they are tolerating and actively ENCOURAGING their citizens to illegally cross into US territory. Many of these people belong to well known and ARMED groups and gangs. The military of Mexico has been documented to have incurred our borders in the past. Mexico is not cooperating in a genuinely productive manner to solve the ‘migration’ / border security problem. Not only does Mexico knowingly tolerate the transit of violent groups and goods out of their country (to the US), they also tacitly allow potentially very dangerous non-Mexican nationals to use Mexico as a ‘backdoor’ into the US. There is an alarming increase of these persons that hail from the Middle East, China and elsewhere.

And, our immigration/naturalization processes are not at all reciprocal. If we were to adopt Mexico’s policies I would bet Mexico would be protesting the very next day about how harsh these would be.

Mexico consistently ranks low in overall levels of governmental transparancy and corruption. It is a ‘democracy’ in name only. In fact, Mexico was identified as being one of two nations most likely to worsen into a chaotic ‘failed state’ (along with Pakistan) recently… a scary thought indeed.

Finally, my main point: I will keep harping on this point: Mexico (as it currently exists and behaves) is NOT our FRIEND! We need to deal with the leadership there in stern and unapologetic terms and not naively believe that because they say they are cooperating with us they actually are. They are playing us for fools, and the sooner we wake up and substantively deal with them the better it will be for all Americans. A reasonably intelligent foreign policy analyst could make at least as strong a case for ‘going to Iraq’ as one could for ‘going to Mexico’ – IMHO.

For comparison, consider US-Canadian relations vs. US-Mexican relations. Say what you want about Canadians, but they are a productive and cooperative international neighbor when it comes to issues of crime and security.

Attached Media Files: avila villa , avila nava

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3 Responses to Hillsboro Oregon Illegal Mexicans AVILA-NAVA, CELSO, and AVILA-VILLA, BENIGNO, Carjacking at gunpoint of Illegal Mexicans Arrested! Two Mexicans for Robbery, Kidnapping, and Theft of Vehicles- Mexicans Gangsters tied up Mexicans with shoelaces

  1. fred says:

    you dump people. not because some stupid person did something wrong means that everyone else is the same… in that case we are also immigrants ’cause we stole the native’s indian americans their land… we don’t ask, we take what is not ours.

    • stoptheinvasionoforegon says:

      what the hell does the native americans have to do with some dumb criminal mexicans who rob other illegal criminal mexicans?

  2. Diggs Greybles says:

    Look like a couple of real turds to me!!! Take them out and put three in the back of their dirty heads!!!

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