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Simon Sheppard & Stephen Whittle :Two English men sentenced to prison for years In UK for Anti-Jewish Literature: 1984 is Here

Two White Men sentenced for free speech I know this new blow to democracy and free speech will go unnoticed. I found it on Stormfront.Forget that they were against the Jews. That is not the point, because the Jews could … Continue reading

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Busted Grants Pass- Two Illegal alien meth dealers: EDWIN NUNEZ-CARABALLO,MIGUEL LARA 1.5 lbs. of methamphetamine, $15,000 cash immigration hold

RADE Investigation Nets Two Methamphetamine-related Arrests in Grants Pass Oregon State Police – 01/28/10 Two men illegal mexicans  believed to have major involvement with methamphetamine distribution in the Grants Pass area were arrested Wednesday by the interagency Rogue Area Drug Enforcement … Continue reading

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Boehm's Candies: more Diversity Sucks Black African Female in Swiss Traditional Dress Boehm’s Candies was started by a white Swiss Immigrant somewhere around WWII. Boehm’s has placed a  Black woman in traditional Swiss dress to appeal to the PC diversity crowd . I find this disgusting and pathetic.Are white people so over, … Continue reading

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Tax Measures 66 67 pass: More Money for Illegal aliens, anchors babies prisons to house criminal illegals

The truth is all that money is for schools is for the children of illegal aliens and other Immigrants. We would be closing schools  not opening them if the state population had increased only due to Legal American citizens. Oregon … Continue reading

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Jimmy Jiminez hispanic Anchor baby? robs Marshall High in computer theft

Police nab two inside Marshall High stealing computers Jimmy Jiminez hispanic Anchor baby? robs Marshall High in computer theft      PORTLAND — Police arrested two teens early Sunday morning after responding to an alarm at Marshall High School in … Continue reading

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3 Mexican Hispanic Illegal alien Males rob home in Oregon City; Light Blue Honda get-away car

RESIDENTIAL BURGLARY IN OREGON CITY by three Mexicans Those nice hardworking mexicans are not self -deporting, they have turned to robbery and meth dealing big time. What would Oregon do without all the mexican criminals and breeders? Think of it … Continue reading

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Camilo Hernandez-Oledo & 4 Mexicans Crash into Legal American Killing One American Joshua G. Hieter in Forest Grove- suburb of Mexico- Wife April Hieter widowed because of Illegal aliens and the invasion

Camilo – mexican national caused the wreck with his carload of four  mexican nationals, that killed April’s husband. The police began the media cover up by not identifying the passengers and making a whole lot over the good samaritan angle. … Continue reading

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I broke up with Starbucks over Haiti  above link to corporate address and also you can rate the company!  I have been a loyal customer since George Washington was President . Since I live in the Pacific Northwest, it wasn’t hard to get in on the ground … Continue reading

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Two Illegal Alien Mexican Meth Dealers Busted:Guerra-Paniagua_Caitlahuac HUMBERTO GORROZQUIETA ANDRADE,Hermiston Oregon

NT Drug Team Arrests Two Hermiston Men (Photos) Oregon State Police – 01/21/10 2010-01/1002/Guerra-Paniagua_Caitlahuac_Andres.jpg   Two Hermiston-area men ILLEGAL ALIENS FROM MEXICO were arrested Wednesday by members of the interagency Blue Mountain Enforcement Narcotics Team (BENT) after an investigation led … Continue reading

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