Elpidio Resendiz-Castillo stabbed most likely by another illegal mexican male in McMinnville 932 NE Lafayette Avenue taxpayers pays for his hospital stay

Elpidio Resendiz-Castillo stabbed  most likely by another illegal mexican male in McMinnville  932 NE Lafayette Avenue taxpayers pay for hospital stay

The police work for the growers who want the mexicans to take over and since the growers have oregonians paying for housing for the mexicans and for the hospital costs, they really dont care. What Yamhill County needs is a huge ICE raid , including arrests of  those who rent to illegals and hire them.

McMinnville Man  Illegal Alien Mexican  stabbed multiple times early this morning Mexican on Mexican Crime_ Illegal aliens cause crime stabbing with a knife is a mexican cultural trait Deport Elpidio Resendiz-Castillo and all the other illegal mexicans at stated address
McMinnville Police Dept. – 01/01/10

Well here we go again, another illegal alien male stabbing another illegal alien male in Mc Minnville oregon, which used to be a nice place to live until all the migrants the growers imported ,stayed and became criminals and rapists and gang members, breeding as fast as they can. That head of cheap lettuce just cost Oregonians another $100,ooo dollars.
On January 1st, 2010 at about 2:54 a.m., McMinnville Officers responded to 932 NE Lafayette Avenue on a stabbing. The victim, Elpidio Resendiz-Castillo 8/23/1970, believed to be a resident of that address, was transported to Willamette Valley Medical Center (WVMC) with multiple stab wounds to his abdomen. Resendiz-Castillo is currently recovering in ICU at WVMC with non life threatening injuries. ( too bad he didnt die at the scene of the crime )The assault investigation is continuing and further details are not available to be released.

Anyone with information or questions about this incident is asked to call Detective Sherry McCuistion at 503-434-2340.

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