Update Jose Gasteazoro-Paniagua Arrested in Yakima! , AKA: "Nica" wanted for shooting Jose Guadalupe Muro in Vancouver Wa Tree City USA

UPDATE: Attempted Murder Suspect/Warrant Issued: Jose Gasteazoro-Paniagua, AKA: “Nica” (06/06/77)
Clark Co. Sheriff’s Office – 01/08/10

Jose Gasteazoro-Paniagua, AKA:

Jose Gasteazoro-Paniagua, AKA:
#####UPDATE 1/08/2010 ########

Figures it was Yakima- the Illegal mexican migrants who refused to self deport have taken over the area, so I bet he had lots of Mexicans willing to hide him.

The suspect in this case has been taken into custody.

Jose Gasteazoro-Paniagua was located and arrested for the outstanding warrant in Yakima, WA on January 7th, 2010.

Detectives from the Clark County Sheriff’s Office Major Crimes Unit have gone to Yakima and are attempting to interview him. Their investigation continues and no additional details of the investigation are available at this time.

Arrangements are being made at this time to have the suspect brought to Clark County on Wednesday January 13th. His first court appearance here would be 9:00 am on Thursday

Prepared by:
Sgt. Chad Rothenberger
(360) 418-5034

I knew when I first read this that it would some mexican gangster trash that shot the mexican illegal scum working illegally in Vancouver wa, once a nice American town, destroyed by Mexicans, Russians and Black trash from North Portland.Hey someone call ICE and have BI-Lo Cited for hiring illegal Mexicans. If they don’t have a job or a place to live ,they have to self-deport. washington state citizens get to pay for this mexican wetback , who should have died from the gunshot wound.

On December 30, 2009 suspect entered Bi-Lo’s Market in Hazel Dell and shot victim multiple times with .45cal handgun. The victim and suspect were known to each other. The two trashy hipanic illegal aliens knew each other.
Probable Cause now exists for the arrest for Jose Gasteazoro-Paniagua, AKA: “Nica”
He is a 5-7, 180lb, multiple tattoos. Nica is said to be still armed with a .45 cal handgun and should be considered dangerous. He has advanced boxing training and has been assaultive towards law enforcement in the past.We believe he has fled to either the Las Vegas, NV or Redding, CA area. He is possibly driving a


Silver, 2003, 4 door, Dodge Stratus, WA license: 280 ZEX.


An arrest warrant is entered into NCIC. The public is urged to call 911 regarding the whereabouts of Jose “Nica” Gasteazoro-Paniagua. They can also call 1-877-CRIME11.
December 31st.The victim in the shooting at Bi Lo Food Mart is identified as:

Jose Guadalupe Muro, a 29 year old Vancouver man. Muro is an employee at Bi Lo Market.

Muro is currently in the Intensive Care Unit at Southwest Washington Medical Center. His status is unknown at this time.

The Major Crimes Unit of the Clark County Sheriff’s Office is actively investigating this incident and there is currently a person of interest in this crime.

If anyone has information pertaining to this investigation they are encouraged to call the Clark County Sheriff’s Office Tip Line at 1-877-CRIME11.

No further information will be released at this time.

Prepared by:

Sgt. Scott Schanaker


At approximately 10 PM on December 30th Clark County Sheriff’s Deputies were dispatched to the BI LO Food Mart at NE 88th St and Hwy 99 in Hazel Dell for the report of shots fired inside the store. A second caller stated that a male subject was injured.

When Deputies arrived they located a male subject with multiple gunshot wounds who was conscious and breathing. He was transported to a local hospital where is is being treated. His current condition is not known.

No information on the suspect or victim is available at this time. Robbery does not appear to be a motive. This incident is being investigated by CCSO Major Crimes Detectives.

Prepared by Sgt K.C. Kasberg
Further information will be released as it becomes available.

Attached Media Files: Jose “Nica” Gasteazoro-Paniagua , Jose “Nica” Gasteazoro-Paniagua

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8 Responses to Update Jose Gasteazoro-Paniagua Arrested in Yakima! , AKA: "Nica" wanted for shooting Jose Guadalupe Muro in Vancouver Wa Tree City USA

  1. gmuth says:

    What the hell is up with this racist and ignorant website? Get the hell out of america if you’re sick of the diversity!

  2. Anonymous says:


    HE WAS NOT ILLEGAL, he was born and raised in the US. Next time you want to talk down to a race different than your own, get your info. straight. Also he was not a gangster. Idiot. Just because you see a Hispanic name, it doesn’t mean the person is illegal or in a gang.

    • stoptheinvasionoforegon says:

      oh I get it – he is an anchor baby- born to illegal mexican parents who came here illegally to take advantage of US citizens and the 14th ammendment.
      by the way, which trashy mexican were you referring to? the one that was shot or the one that shot the mexican?

  3. Anonymous says:


    Fuck the son of a bitch rascist bastard who said this shit!!! That stupid bitch talks too much shit! Dude, you don’t need to be so damn rascist to prove your got damn point! I know these two males and they aren’t even illegal, so get your shit straight! And the next time that you want to talk shit and pick on the mexicans, make sure that you know what your crazy ass is talking about! You rascist peice of shit!

    • stoptheinvasionoforegon says:

      yet another post that proves the greatest mistake the United Nations and the United States made in the 60’s was to Not require mass sterilization of all third world breeders. The invasion of breeders is due to the Catholic church in mexico encouraging mexican females to have 20 mulatto brats. The population explosion was sent to the Us by the wealthy mexicans, and now the US states is having a population explosion because the mexican breeders etc are popping out anchor babies because guess what the US pays them to have kids ! food stamps WIC housing education medical all free!

  4. Anonymous says:

    letty3377@yahoo.com-Leticia Sanchez

    If you havent realized there is more white and blacks getting welfare & foodstamps than Hispanics for your information if your illegal you cant receive aid here in the USA. White & Blacks are the ones beggin for money to buy drugs at almost every freeway exit when Hispanics are working hard in the fields to provide food to lazy white & black people that find it hard to get a real job!!!! There are plenty of educated Hispanics but yet your just looking at a small portion this world is not perfect & we are human there are good & bad ones of all races Hispanics may be drug dealers or whatever you post but White crazy males go on rampage shootings killing many innocent people all around the world that is crazier & lower than anythiing. So you can write all you want about MEXICANS as you say they all are eventhough they can be salvadorian or from guatemala but you wouldnt know the difference because your an ignorrant human being that one day may require medical attention & hopefully a Mexican will be the one to take care of you lets see what you think then.

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