Myth of Hispanic Family Values: Or Maria Ruiz Gives Head

Maria Ruiz gives head- note her sharpie eyebrows and the three anchor babies watching- mexican family values

Hispanic Family Values

Immokalee Stabbing Shows Another Side of Immigration Debate, December 24, 2009, Naples News
     Illegal thought Hispanic teenager should be speaking Spanish rather than English.

2nd Teen Held in North Miami-Dade Horse Killings, September 25, 2009, Miami Herald
     Hispanics supplying black market for horse meat.

Dallas Leads Nation in Repeat Teen Births, Study Finds, September 1, 2009, Dallas Morning News
     Only 6 percent of teen-age births are to whites.

Witness: Mom Talked Me into Sex at Age 9, June 29, 2009, Philadelphia Daily News
     Santeria comes to Philadelphia.

Boy Scouts Make Big Push to Get Latinos to Join, June 9, 2009, Chicago Tribune
     Illegal aliens will be part of the recruitment drive.

Survey Delves Into High Birth Rate for Young Latinas, May 20, 2009, CNN
     More than half of all Hispanic girls get pregnant before they are 20.

Parents Accused of Taking Children on Burglary, April 30, 2009, Reuters
     Just teaching them the family profession.

Father Accused of Selling Daughter Takes Deal, April 10, 2009, KSBW-TV (Monterey, Calif.)
     Illegal who bartered his 14-year-old for cash and beer to be deported after brief jail sentence.

Wife of Pirates Prospect Arrested for Kidnapping, March 25, 2009, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
     Hispanic woman posed as immigration officer to kidnap baby.

Greenfield Father Awaits Deportation After “Selling Daughter for Beer”, January 15, 2009, KION-TV (Monterey)
     Man who “bought” child bride will be deported, too.

Father Accused of Selling Daughter for Beer, January 14, 2009, KSBW-TV (Salinas, California)
     Dad and girl’s “husband” both illegals and face deportation.

Possible Gang Link Probed in Arrest of Nuñez’s Son, December 4, 2008, Los Angeles Times
     Mayor Villaraigosa on accused knife killer: “He’s a great kid, a good boy.”

Ex-Assembly Speaker Nunez’s Son Arrested in Slaying, December 3, 2008, Los Angeles Times
     Not the sort of behavior usually found in political families.

BART Reopens Fruitvale Station; Fare-Evading Protesters Hit S.F., October 31, 2008, San Francisco Chronicle
     Pro-immigration protestors shouldn’t be expected to pay subway fares.

Public Health Clinic Study Links ‘Americanization’ and Depression, August 18, 2008, Science Daily
     Maybe women shouldn’t have babies in foreign countries.

Texas Defies World Court, Bush on Execution, August 4, 2008, AP
     Mexicans wishing to avoid execution probably shouldn’t murder people in Texas.

The Myth of Hispanic Family Values, June 20, 2008, American Renaissance
     By no measure do Hispanics have “strong family values.”

Survey: Risky Acts More Likely for Hispanic Teens, June 5, 2008, AP
     Reason: Too many Hispanics going to schools with too many Hispanics.

MS-13 Primer: ‘The Most Dangerous Gang’ In North America, June 5, 2008, CityNews (Toronto)
     MS-13 sets its sights on Toronto.

Parents Fight Over Which Gang Toddler Should Join, April 11, 2008, Denver News
     Wanting the best for your kid: the best clothes, the best school, the best gang …

Bad News From California, March 20, 2008, The Economist
     Hispanic families coming to look like black families.

Immigrants Demand $100 Million Initiative in N.Y., February 26, 2008, Dan Osburn, The Press and Sun Bulletin (Binghamton, New York), February 25, 2008
     Program would also “create a more respective environment for newcomers.”

Loiterers’ Minor Infractions Targeted in Va., January 31, 2008, WTOP Radio (Washington, D.C.)
     Those arrested will be checked for immigration status.

Mexico City Rolls Out Women-Only Buses, January 25, 2008,
     Subway system responds to Hispanic men’s treatment of women.

Police: Teen Gang Ran Prostitution Ring, January 16, 2008, AP
     Hispanic gang members forced 12-year-olds into prostitution.

Foreclosure Help Tough When You Lie, January 14, 2008, Rocky Mountain News
     Many illegals lied to get mortgages.

Programs Target High Birth Rate Among Hispanic Teens, January 8, 2008, Journal News (Westchester County)
     Half of Hispanic teenage girls pregnant before turning 20.

Puerto Rico Forced to Cancel Cockfights, January 8, 2008, AP
     Loss of revenue could be in the millions.

Family vs. Police Over Droopy Pants, January 2, 2008, Miami Herald
     Sheriff’s department: “The mall doesn’t put up with that tomfoolery bullcrap.”

Hispanic Students Seen Sliding, November 27, 2007, News and Observer (Raleigh)
     Among Hispanics, a grade-point average higher than 2.5 is “too smart.”

Restaurant Cited for Deer Carcass In Kitchen, October 30, 2007, Greencastle (Indiana) Banner
     In America’s heartland, waiters prepare roadkill in Mexican restaurant’s kitchen

Nine Charged in Sex Slavery Case in LA, August 10, 2007, AP
     Guatemalan traffickers kept women from running away with threats of black magic.

Hispanics Drive Teen Birthrate, July 27, 2007, Washington Post
     “A lot of the teen Latino moms are actually quite happy to be pregnant as teenagers.”

7 Kids Removed From Squalid Texas Home, July 19, 2007, AP
     Mom’s midwife is 9-year-old daughter; stillborn baby kept in refrigerator.

California Mom Accused In Gang Murder, July 19, 2007, AP
     Cops: “She wasn’t taking them there to play in the park.”

Gangs: Small-Town America’s Big-City Battle, June 8, 2007, Rocky Mountain News
     In 2004, gangs committed nine of the eleven murders in Greeley, Colorado.

Founder Of Anti-Gang Group Arrested, June 5, 2007, Los Angeles Times
     “No Guns” founder tried to sell machine gun to undercover ATF agents.

Sentencing Delayed For Father Who Raped Daughter, April 23, 2007, AP
     Salvadoran attempted to murder both children he fathered with his teenaged daughter.

Thug Life In A Rural Town, April 10, 2007, Palm Beach Post
     In Florida countryside “Latin gangs use the Latin migrant laborers for cover.”

Woman Accused Of Using Infant As Car Down Payment, February 28, 2007, CNN
     Now they have nothing to use as collateral to raise bail.

Graffiti War Rages On, February 13, 2007, Denver Post
     Hispanic “graffiti gang” violence catches Denver police by surprise.

Teen Pregnancy Rate Continues To Drop—Except Among Latinas, February 7, 2007, Arizona Republic
     In Arizona, Hispanic teens are 3.5 times more likely than white teens to become pregnant.

Sanchez Accuses Democrat Of Calling Her A ‘Whore,’ Resigns From Hispanic Group, February 1, 2007, The Politico
     Women in Hispanic Caucus don’t like the way male lawmaker treats them.

Surge In Birth Rate Among Unwed Hispanics Creating New US Underclass, January 24, 2007, Dallas Morning News
     Hispanic girls “aren’t marrying the guys, so they marry the state.”

Six Arrested After Brawl at WMS, January 12, 2007, The Call (Woonsocket, R.I.)
     More Hispanic family values.

Thousands Of Illegal Aliens Preying On Children, January 4, 2007, Jim Kouri
     “Alarming number” of illegal aliens are murderers, child rapists.

California City’s Schools Extend Break For Immigrants, December 21, 2006, Reuters
     Otherwise, students don’t get back from Mexico in time and are absent anyway.

Child Smuggling Shows Upsurge, December 12, 2006, El Universal
     The holiday rush is on as illegal immigrants arrange for children to be sneaked into US.

Commentary: No Simple Reason For Alarming Dropout Rate, December 4, 2006, CNN
     Hispanic says Hispanic parents set bad example.

Hispanic Family Values?, November 15, 2006, City Journal
     Nearly half of US-born Hispanics are illegitimate.

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