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Black Students Riot smash break in at UC Berkeley" Bad Hair Day? Have to wonder what kind of career  the spoiled black students expect if they riot at the school that gave them a free education simply because they were black. No Deans list for them! Funny how Black students and … Continue reading

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Report Budget Inn-Motel 6 of "Diversity" Beaverton to ICE : Ugly immigrant Indian Dump  Update: In the Past month, Budget Inn  has become Motel 6. Not sure yet whether the same Crappy Immigrants from India are still running it into the ground but for sure they will still hire illegal mexicans , so … Continue reading

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Criminal Mexican with Fake Ids Arrests in three states Busted with over $13,000 in Meth In Illegal Mexican trash Salem

Criminal Mexican with Fake Ids Busted with over $13,000 in Meth In Illegal Mexican trash Salem Methamphetamine Seizure Prevents Distribution Marion Co. Sheriff’s Office – 02/24/10 methamphetamine seized following arrest so lets hear some more about those hardworking mexicans. Problem … Continue reading

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Illegal Mexican Luis Gaspar-Perez of Woodburn-Mexico Murders American Kathleen Williams with Truck: no Citations issued ICE not called

UPDATE – Marion County Crash Team Investigates Fatal Collision Marion Co. Sheriff’s Office – 02/24/10 CORRECTION: David Alford was incorrectly identified( white man blamed before Mexican)  as the driver of the 2009 Ford pick up truck that struck the vehicle … Continue reading

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Hispanic Male wanted for Armed Robbery of Oxycotin-Two Stores HIllsdale and Troutdale

Troutdale Walgreen’s Armed Robbery City of Troutdale – 02/22/10 The Media is trying to call him a white male, which means they will never find him- ( Ah the Racism against Whites, first this “hispanic Male” robbed an upscale place, … Continue reading

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Oksana Domnina and Maxim Shabalin- OMG! White people dressed up as Brown Aborigines People _ The Scandal the Horror- Russians be Bad at Olympics

Oksana Domnina and Maxim Shabalin in those outfits. Photo: AFP THE PC Crowd might consider the tv show the Beverley Hillbillies, which made fun, in the 60’s of Kentucky – white Hillbillies, and to this day, poor southern whites are … Continue reading

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Population Explosion In Oregon due the Invasion of Illegal aliens and State Department Trash About 45,000 people are moving here every year and most are illegal Breeders and Job Theives.  In one year , Illegal  mexican breeders popped out 4,000 anchor  babies in Oregon. There are about half a million hispanics in … Continue reading

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Rolando Ramirez shot Mexican Gang shooting North Portland- Sanctuary City for Illegal alien criminals

I think it’s really nice of the criminal mexican under-class to provide full employment to doctors, nurses, ambulances, police, shrinks, social workers etc. After all how would  Americans afford a head of lettuce if we hadnt let in most of … Continue reading

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White American Woman with Rifle at work gets swat team treatment

when I first read this , the Sheriff from this county hadnt murdered three women in a bar. My take on this was that Oregon is filled with illegal aliens who may be violent but the police ignore them. Dani … Continue reading

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The Mexican Invasion of California Blog!

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