Crimestopper! Mexican Rapist Javier Jose Barrios Sought in Mexican Salem

Marion Co. Sheriff’s Office – 02/02/10

Javier Jose Barrios

Javier Jose Barrios

The Marion County Sheriff’s Office is asking for your assistance in locating a wanted suspect. mexican illegal alien. If Marion county wants to cut down on crime all they have to do is plan for a huge ICE raid deportation, and check for fake id. Clean out the mexican trash and you clean up the crime. 

Thirty-five-year old Javier Jose Barrios is wanted for Rape I, three counts of Sexual Abuse II and Custodial interference I. A felony warrant has been issued for his arrest following a criminal investigation into his sexual contact with an underage female. mexican anchor baby- and in mexico sex with little girls is okay as is prostitution. Mexican family Values.
(above  fat mexican whore from craigslist- mexican females come to US so they can work hard)
Javier Jose Barrios is 5’5″ tall, weighs 148 pounds, with a date of birth of 12/22/1974. He has black hair and brown eyes; with noticeable scars above both eyes.

He is known to drive a 1993 Oldsmobile 2-dr, bluish green in color, with Oregon plates: 992 BKD. He may also be driving a dark-colored Ford F-350 work truck, with unknown license plates.

Barrios frequents the apartments in the 3600 & 3700 blocks of Beverly Avenue NE, in Salem,( mexican slum full of illegals) but he hasn’t been seen there for several weeks.

This case is being investigated by Detective Ted Burwell of the Criminal Investigations Unit. If you have any information to assist in the apprehension of Barrios, please contact Detective Burwell at 503.540.8007 or

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