Racist Teufel Landscaping Goes Bankrupt: Teufel Hires Illegal alien Hispanic Males Report To ICE



Racist( against non-hispanics) Teufel Landscaping Goes Bankrupt: Workcrews were Illegal alien Hispanic Males

BelowTwo illegal Mexicans who murdered Dani Countryman and who worked in landscaping- illegally of course.

Teufel Nursery Inc.,( hires illegal aliens from Mexico, it is hard to find any Americans or women  on their mexican-only male only work crews.


Snail Mail

DHS Immigration & Customs Enforcement-Attn: Investigations-511 NW Broadway-Portland Oregon -97209

needs to step in and ask to see the hiring records for Teufel ,their hiring practices are illegal  

 Teufel was one of the companies I was watching concerning their hiring practices , yet was never able to Get ICE to do anything. They had 500 employees in 2006, think how many illegal aliens they had on payroll and how many anchor babies came out of that, not to mention crime, and rental units taken from low income Americans.

 one of the largest landscaping firms in the Pacific Northwest, has completed a reorganization seven months after seeking protection from creditors under Chapter 11 of the U.S. Bankruptcy Code.

The company won court and creditor approval for its reorganization and repayment plan Monday morning in U.S. Bankruptcy Court in Oregon.

The Teufel Crime family,( happy dance God punishes Criminal Americans for hiring only illegals) which has owned the company for four generations, will retail control of the business in exchange for contributing $100,000 in new capital. Lawrence Teufel, who owns 54.1 percent of the company, already contributed $85,000, largely to pay legal bills..Note the all male/ all swarthy hispanic of the Teufel Workcrew. Only in Oregon, do Illegal aliens get away with this crap.

The swift reorganization was designed to minimize the impact on the company’s vendors, said president Rich Christensen.

“It was never our intent to hire legal Americans who spoke English, indeed we discriminated against American women, knowing full well that any white woman working for us would be raped by our nice spanish only mexican workers with fake ID.  for vendors to get caught up in it,” he said.

Above, picture of Maria Ruiz, girlfriend of one illegal mexican working for Tuefel giving head at a party celebrating her 20th anchor baby. Her nickname is “Taco Cxxt”.

The Portland-based company filed for bankruptcy on June 26, 2009, saying its hand was forced when its lender, Textron Financial Corp. stopped lending. Textron sued Teufel, which in turn countersued when Textron called in a note.

Under a plan reached with help of a mediator, Teufel will make a series of monthly, semi-annual and annual payments to Textron until it repays a $5.9 million debt, including costs and fees. Both lawsuits will be dropped.

The company has not secured a new lender.

“We are operating as a cash-based business. For now, that suits us just fine,” Christensen said.

Teufel will continue to operate its nursery and landscape business, but on a reduced scale.

The company has about 200 employees,and all the work crews are illegal aliens, less than half the 500 or so it had in 2006.

The reorganization plan repays both secured and unsecured creditors in full from proceeds from Teufel’s ongoing operations, notably Teufel Holly Farms.

Teufel’s other creditors include Caterpillar Financial Services Corp., CitiCommercial Corp., GE Fleet Capital, General Electric Capital Corp., IKON Financial Services, lien holders, employees and government agencies ranging from the city of Wilsonville to the State of Idaho Industrial Commission and Oregon SAIF Corp.

Teufel operates wholesale nurseries in Portland as well as in Kent, Wash. and McCall, Idaho. It offers both commercial and residential landscaping services. The 33-acre McCall nursery is closed for the winter season and won’t reopen until the demand for its services improves in Idaho, said Christensen.

“What we need now is to see a little improvement in the economy,” he said.




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