Report Illegal Mexican Businesses and Employersof Illegals to the IRS & Oregon Department of Revenue

 Report  illegal aliens and Americans Hiring Illegal Aliens to the IRS and the Oregon Department of Revenue .Mexican  gardeners ,  sidewalk taco dealers or the Oregonian Newspaper.  Fill the form out online and then print and  mail it to the IRS.It is  Form 3949-A 

This lets the IRS know they arent paying taxes and they will go after them. You can do so anonymously.

Also report Employers who hire illegals under the table and Illegal alien businesses that are under the table to 
the following snail mail address:
Attn: Business Compliance & Investigations 
Oregon Department of Revenue 
955 Center Street NE 
Salem Oregon  

for a start Report the Indian Nationals  who own

Budget Inn

in Beaverton, Oregon’s Most Diverse City ( translation: illegal aliens everywhere)

their address is 12255 SW Canyon Road

Beaverton Oregon 97005

run by a  family of Hindus who live on-site and may or may not be illegal aliens themselves, but they do hire illegal aliens and violate labor laws too.

They hire three Illegal Mexicans, one of whom is named Antonio and who works seven days a week,and I think he is dating one of the two mexican maids. The Place has also been fined for remodeling without following the laws. They filled a swimming pool half way with concrete blocks and  didn’t put a fence around it. Behind this dump of a motel, is an apartment complex that is all  Mexican and the mexican men sit outside at a table with a taco stand in the parking lot. Report that too.

( just because a mexican gardener has a business license with the city does not mean they are paying taxes or doing so legally. After all if they were ,how could they afford those nice cars and all the money sent back to Mexico?)  If you see a business run by an illegal, they will most often sub-contract to other illegals who do not pay taxes. So report them, because those same illegals use hospitals, food banks, and other government programs to off-set the high cost of living in Oregon.


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