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Population Explosion In Oregon due the Invasion of Illegal aliens and State Department Trash

http://www.fairus.org/site/PageServer?pagename=research_researchd0a6 About 45,000 people are moving here every year and most are illegal Breeders and Job Theives. http://pewhispanic.org/states/?stateid=OR  In one year , Illegal  mexican breeders popped out 4,000 anchor  babies in Oregon. There are about half a million hispanics in … Continue reading

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Rolando Ramirez shot Mexican Gang shooting North Portland- Sanctuary City for Illegal alien criminals

I think it’s really nice of the criminal mexican under-class to provide full employment to doctors, nurses, ambulances, police, shrinks, social workers etc. After all how would  Americans afford a head of lettuce if we hadnt let in most of … Continue reading

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