Illegal Mexican Luis Gaspar-Perez of Woodburn-Mexico Murders American Kathleen Williams with Truck: no Citations issued ICE not called

UPDATE – Marion County Crash Team Investigates Fatal Collision
Marion Co. Sheriff’s Office – 02/24/10


David Alford was incorrectly identified( white man blamed before Mexican)  as the driver of the 2009 Ford pick up truck that struck the vehicle driven by Kathleen Williams.( another crime victim of illegal aliens) The vehicle that struck Ms. Williams was a 1998 Ford pick up truck, driven by \

24-year old Luis Gaspar-Perez of Woodburn. 

– – – – – –

On 02/22/10, at 6:59pm, Marion County Deputies responded to a motor vehicle collision at Front Street NE and Crosby Road NE, just outside the Woodburn city limits. Deputy Ryan Clarke arrived to find two vehicles involved. Investigation revealed that a 2009 Ford pick up was traveling southbound on Front Street approaching the intersection of Crosby Road. The truck was driven by 63-year old David Alford of Beaverton.
 a 1995 Subaru wagon, driven by 61-year old Kathleen Williams of Oregon City, pulled in front of the truck as Williams turned northbound onto Front Street from Crosby Road. The truck struck the Subaru on the driver’s side, causing fatal injuries to Kathleen Williams.

Crosby Road traffic is controlled by a stop sign at Front Street. All involved parties were wearing seat belts.

The Marion County Crash Team, under the direction of Deputy Kevin Ely, investigated the collision. Woodburn Police Department and Woodburn Medics also assisted at the scene. Neither Mr. Alford nor his passenger received injuries. No citations were issued and no charges against Mr. Alford are anticipated.

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