Criminal Mexican with Fake Ids Arrests in three states Busted with over $13,000 in Meth In Illegal Mexican trash Salem

Criminal Mexican with Fake Ids Busted with over $13,000 in Meth In Illegal Mexican trash Salem

Methamphetamine Seizure Prevents Distribution
Marion Co. Sheriff’s Office – 02/24/10

methamphetamine seized following arrest

methamphetamine seized following arrest so lets hear some more about those hardworking mexicans. Problem is ICE is too busy playing golf with Obama and throwing back Starkbucks to even deport this piece of swarthy , short shit from south of the border


On February 21st, at about 11:30pm, Marion County Deputy Chris Helbling stopped the driver of a 2000 Ford Focus for a traffic violation. The car was stopped on Lancaster drive NE Drive at Denver Avenue NE in Salem. The driver identified himself as Daniel Rodriguez, but he had no driver’s license or other identification with him. He gave several different dates of birth and told the Deputy that he lived in Yakima, Washington.

Deputy Helbling made numerous attempts to properly identify the driver, using computer databases from both Oregon and Washington. Rodriguez was ultimately arrested for Failure to Carry and/or Present a Driver’s License. He was transported to the Marion County Jail where his fingerprints were entered into a national database called AFIS (Automated Fingerprint Identification System). Deputies at the jail soon learned Rodriguez had been arrested in California, Washington and Nevada using different aliases and dates of birth.

Deputy Helbling’s investigation developed information necessary to obtain a search warrant on the vehicle Rodriguez was driving. The vehicle was searched by Deputy Jeremy Landers, his narcotic trained K-9 “Misty”, and the Marion County Street Crimes Unit. Nine ounces (275 grams) of methamphetamine (in the form of large crystals) and a digital scale were found hidden under the rear seat of the vehicle. The methamphetamine has a street value of $13,000 to $22,000.

According to Detective Kevin Roberts of the Street Crimes Unit, “Out of state dealers have no concern about the impact of these drugs on our state or Marion County. Their goal is to sell their narcotics without regard for where they end up. If this methamphetamine was broken down to user quantities, it may have ended up in our neighborhoods or schools. I’m happy we took it off the streets”

Rodriguez was lodged at the Marion County Jail. The investigation will be forwarded to the Marion County District Attorney’s Office for prosecution.

If you would like to report drug activity in Marion County, call 503.588.5112 or file a report on-line at:

Attached Media Files: methamphetamine seized following arrest

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