Report Budget Inn-Motel 6 of "Diversity" Beaverton to ICE : Ugly immigrant Indian Dump 

Update: In the Past month, Budget Inn  has become Motel 6. Not sure yet whether the same Crappy Immigrants from India are still running it into the ground but for sure they will still hire illegal mexicans , so do report it. The Swimming pool that had no fence around it or warnings signs and Beaverton Police and the Mayor ignored it completely even though it was walking distance from the Police station. The Swarthy, Hindu Nationals who run the place hire illegal mexicans and over work them. Bad Ugly Immigrants. This is Diversity In Oregon In Action. Behind this hotel is a mexican only slum with Taco stands and Mexicans everywhere. I thought it would be funny if a drunk mexican fell into the pool.

Beaverton Budget Inn

13295 Southwest Canyon Road, Beaverton, OR 97005-2002

(503) 646-2155‎

3 reviews

Category: Hotel

Nasty Nasty Nasty‎

By Shankar – Sep 27, 2009

If I had know it was going to be a dump, I would have slept out in my car. The worst part was that I paid $60 for the dump. The room as in terible state. The bedsheets looked they had never been washed. the pillows were dark black (I’m not kidding), and the bathroom was in a terrible state. I would pay $5 for it and still not stay there. That place needs to be shut down or fined heavy for high-way robbery. It could well make it in the news for a sh*t holes of the year. DONT STAY THERE!‎

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Nasty walls, dirty water, very rude…‎

By mamajosh – Jun 25, 2007

No section numbers displayed anywhere on buildings. crumbling, dirty concrete stairs; bad paint looks like low-income housing); nasty carpet, hard pillows. Some kind of thick, dark brown, organic matter was smeared above the bases of the …‎

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Reviewer’s Comment‎

By sweety – Jan 29, 2007

The location was fine, but the motel was awful. The beds were broken down and the table was broken, and the bathroom door had holes in it. It was not clean, and the sheets were not washed. Doors were slamming all night long and it was noisy. …‎

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