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Arizona Rancher Rob Krentz & Dog Murdered allegedly by Illegal alien from Mexico Close the Border

Arizona Rancher Shot Dead on his Property Near Southwest Border×3 Monday, March 29, 2010, 2:28 PM EDT – posted on numbersusa Rob Krentz Longtime Arizona Rancher Rob Krentz was found shot to death on his property late Saturday night. … Continue reading

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Iceland bans Strips Clubs limiting Importation of Foreign Females Yeah!

This is very good and I still hold Iceland as one of the few countries I would like to live in. Israel of course, is notorious for sex trafficking of foreign women. Importing any group of people to do the … Continue reading

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California Water Shortages: Food Crops or water for Mexican Invaders? Illegal Mexicans storm Congressional Offices demanding to be rewarded for breaking laws. Funny how everyone agrees that California is mostly mexican from the invasion of breeders, yet no one wants to tell the ugly truth which is we can’t … Continue reading

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Non-White Births a Majority in US thanks to Anchor Babies of Illegal aliens: Bumpholic Baby Boom

only 39 percent of Hispanic mexican children under 4 have two native-born parents If the United States  didnt have open borders, the exploitation of the 14th ammendment by foreign nationals, and the castrosphic invasion of illegal aliens from third world countries, … Continue reading

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Rune Spells Binding Spells to Protect Americans From Congress & The Illegal aliens Invaders Protection and Binding spells     How to make a protective talisman    Cut a disc of wood from a branch of a fruit-bearing tree and engrave a symbol of protection onto it, eg. a protective Rune. As you … Continue reading

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Illegal alien Mexican Meth dealers busted in Oregon: LUIS PULIDO-AGUILAR,OCTAVIO SOTO-ALVARADO

OSP Traffic Stop Leads to 5.5 lbs. of Methamphetamine and Two Arrests – Interstate 84 in The Dalles (Photos) Oregon State Police – 03/18/10 2010-03/1002/031710.i84mp83.meth.2.JPG An Oregon State Police (OSP) traffic stop Wednesday morning in The Dalles area led to … Continue reading

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Mexican Tatooed Gangsters Arrested: David Torres,Sophia Torres Pedro Cortez Vargas : Guns Meth Fake ID Idenity Theft Escapee Captured; Narcotics seized with Additional Arrests Marion Co. Sheriff’s Office – 03/19/10 1.6 unces of seized methamphetamine Members of the Marion County Sheriffs Office Street Crimes Unit reported the capture of escapee David Torres, 32, of Salem. Torres … Continue reading

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Diversity Comes To Beaverton: Time for White Flight WATSON,LARRY_EUGENE

Washington Co. Sheriff’s Office – 03/22/10 2010-03/1128/WATSON,LARRY_EUGENE_side.jpg Summary of Event: Today, a woman returned home with her two young children and discovered an intruder in her kitchen. He was carrying a backpack that contained her laptop. The man left without … Continue reading

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Edgar Antonio Mendozaortega,a previously deported alien busted for dealing heroin with anchor baby in tow Mexican family values

CCITF Arrest Portland man in previously deported illegal alien criminal West Linn delivering heroin while accompanied by his 22-month-old anchor baby daughter Clackamas Co. Sheriff’s Office – 03/19/10 escorted to jailThe Clackamas County Sheriff’s Office Jim Strovink, Detective Office of … Continue reading

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Drunk Muslim Ugly Immigrant FAISSAL FEHAQ AL MELIKY Busted after Police Chase in Salem

A Vancouver, Washington man was arrested Saturday afternoon by Oregon State Police (OSP) on several charges including DUII following a brief attempt to elude on Interstate 5 in the Salem area. According to OSP Sergeant Bob Charpentier, on March 20, … Continue reading

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