Portland Slumlords=Crooks: Water will be shut off to multifamily Rental Units by Portland Water Bureau

Portland Slumlords=Crooks: Water will be shut off to multifamily Rental Units by Portland Water Bureau

What Con artists and crooks Portland and Oregon in general Landlords are- first they charge renters for water, dont pay the bill, and expect the Water Bureau to not shut off water out of compassion for renters. It really sums up Oregon and what scum we have for landlords in this state. Water is no longer cheap in Oregon, due to too many people arriving. Water shortages in 36 states and yet immigration enforcement is a joke.


Keep in mind that Landlords have done great renting to illegals and displacing Legal English Speaking Americans in the rental market. Rents began to go up in 1990, just when Mexicans and Californians began pouring into the State. More then Half a million invaders since 1990 ,and most of them breeders, and there aren’t enough housing units for them all. In 1990, Landlords would never have charged for water, eviction was almost unknown,now there is always a carload of out of state trash from Texas or Mexico pulling in and renters accept paying for water.I am sure the Community Alliance of Tenants will get right on this– but CAT, by promoting the right of illegal aliens to have housing in Oregon, often ahead of Legal Americans, is more part of the problem then the solution. A Man cannot serve two Masters and neither can a PC Organization that depends upon Federal Money to continue.


Portland Water Bureau to begin shutting off service to delinquent multi-family account owners
Portland Water Bureau – 03/04/10

The Portland Water Bureau announced today that it will begin authorizing water shut-offs on delinquent multi-family account owners. For many years, the Water Bureau maintained a policy that exempted multi-family accounts from shut-off due to the impact on unknowing tenants. Unfortunately, a number of landlords have capitalized on this policy by charging their tenants for water and keeping the proceeds for themselves rather than paying their water bills. As a result, the Water Bureau will be taking action to make certain this trend does not continue.

Concurrent with the new shut-off policy for multi-family accounts, the Water Bureau will institute a notification system to ensure that tenants and landlords are made aware of any pending shut off, giving both parties a chance to take action.

“This is an important policy change for Portland’s ratepayers,” said Water Bureau Administrator David Shaff, “Everyone who uses Portland’s water infrastructure is responsible to pay their fair share, and this initiative will help ensure that multi-family landlords are no exception.”

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