1 Response to Obama wants Amnesty & is NOT enforcing Immigration laws!_ Help Push the NO Amnesty ads from Numbersusa:TV Ad: High Immigration Impacts America's Unemployed

  1. stoptheinvasionoforegon says:

    you make a very good point and i completely agree and support that move! carlosperdue (1 hour ago) Show Hide 0 Marked as spam
    Reply Also, I’m not saying illegal employers shouldn’t be punished, but if we let the fed gov grossly derelict & subvert our borders & let tens of millions of illegals in, it’s neither fair nor effective to blame it ALL on employers that hire them. Many who don’t hire them won’t be able to compete with those who do. We must hold the President & congress accountable. How can we expect govt to punish employers who are influential CITIZENS when it refuses to even stop or deport illegal aliens who aren’t? gareof (1 hour ago) Show Hide 0 Marked as spam
    Reply obama is happy to do everything he can to “goddamamerica” just as rev.wright, his college professors & democRATS have encouraged him to do – the only way to stop this crazy sonofabitch chicago thug is to clean the RATS out of the house & senate…but don’t count on it…obama has billions of dollars to bribe our “leaders” & install a huge government take over of the USA – why? Because he & his supporters hate the USA middle class & capitalism, & the right to Life, Liberty & persuit of happiness. carlosperdue (1 hour ago) Show Hide 0 Marked as spam
    Reply Maybe “Guest Worker” Bush is your hero, but his subversion & gross dereliction of borders & immigration laws facilitated 9/11. He kept up his subversion for the rest of his term, during wartime, ensuring countless Jihadis could waltz in, recruit “homegrown” jihadis, build mosques, get jobs (e.g., airline maintenance?), breed anchor jihadis who can’t be deported, etc; so we’ll be hit again & again. Obama honors Bush’s legacy of treason. carlosperdue (1 hour ago) Show Hide 0 Marked as spam
    Reply It’s because of that AND because in the 60s we started paying tens of millions of Americans not to work. It’s no coincidence that illegal immigration began to explode after that. So, deporting illegals will indeed help raise wages, but the problem will not be adequately solved unless you also abolish welfare and stop paying Americans not to work. Otherwise it very well may put excessive strain on the economy. obbopp (2 hours ago) Show Hide 0 Marked as spam
    Reply Don’t forget the millions of illegals driving up rental costs especially harming working-poor citizens. kennyalligood (2 hours ago) Show Hide 0 Marked as spam
    Reply the reason we wouldn’t do what the illegals do (ie pick fruit, clean toilets, etc) is because they have decreased the wages in those job markets… construction especially. it is difficult to compete with those that don’t provide adequate wages and benefits like we are accustomed to. that being said… removing the illegals will bring an immediate correction to this error and Americans will be doing those jobs kennyalligood (2 hours ago) Show Hide 0 Marked as spam
    Reply We need to stop insulting each other and start holding our elected officials accountable to our CURRENT laws. we do not need any kind of amnesty but mass deportation seems to be a good idea… i wouldn’t mind a lil more deficit to accomplish that carlosperdue (3 hours ago) Show Hide 0 Marked as spam
    Reply OK, you can stay as long as you agree to pick fruit, clean toilets, pick up all the diapers and trash your Mexican compatriots leave everywhere they go, and get sterilized so you can’t saddle us with anchor babies. Somehow I doubt that’s what you’re doing, so get out of MY country.

    “JaJaJa”. Idiota. carlosperdue (3 hours ago) Show
    Reply You should go to prison or move to Mexico, traitor.

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