Illegal fat Mexican LUIS FERNANDO GUERRERO Felony Hit and Run busted : hits boy and runs from cops leaving two anchor babies and mexican breeder wife,Mexican Family Values

*** Illegal Mexican LUIS FERNANDO GUERRERO Felony Hit and Run busted : hits boy and runs from cops leaving two anchor babies and mexican breeder wife,Mexican Family ValuesUpdate***

    what I want to know is how does he pay for his $40,000 2009 car? He ran because he is illegal, now take him and the anchor babies and the Puta wife back to mexico. Police said he had been arrested for hit and run before. So this is the Mexican who will get Amnesty from obama, who was listed as a white male when booked, and enjoys a criminal lifestyle unhindered by the police, who I have heard don’t like the “hispanics” to be arrested in Hillsboro. Just an FYI from an attorney who has an office 50 feet from the courthouse.

Hit and Run case Investigated by Hillsboro Police and Washington County CART***update
Hillsboro Police Dept. – 03/22/10

This news release updates the earlier release posted below regarding this hit and run case during which a 12 year old Hillsboro boy was struck by the suspect’s vehicle..The suspect in this case, LUIS FERNANDO GUERRERO, age 22 turned himself in at the Washington County Sheriff’s Office on March 22, 2010 at 6:00 PM. Hillsboro Police took him into custody without incident.GUERRERO was lodged in the Washington County Jail on 1 count of Felony Hit and Run. 

On March 21, 2010 at 6:45 PM Hillsboro Police were called to SE 73rd St. near Borwick Rd at the report of a vehicle vs. pedestrian traffic collision. A 2009 Volkswagen Tourag was traveling northbound on 73rd at approx 25 mph and struck a 12 year old boy who was in the street playing basketball alone. The impact caused the boy to fall onto the street causing injury to his head.
Because of concern over the head injury, the boy was life-flighted to Emanuel Hospital were he is being treated. Upon transport, the boy was conscious alert and breathing. his condition is currently unknown. 

The driver of the car fled the scene on foot leaving behind his wife and two small children who were also in the car at the time of the crash. He is identified as LUIS FERNANDO GUERRERO, age 22 of Cornelius. He remains at large at the time of this writing. 

Washington County Crash Analysis reconstruction Team is completing the investigation and police are still looking for the suspect in this case. He is now wanted for felony hit and run. 


Guerrero left his wife and family at the scene of the crash before he left, Rouches said. 

The suspect has been charged with hit-and-run in the past, according to Hillsboro police. 

Kory Scott, who lives in the area, said the neighborhood is filled with young families who have children. He said many children were outside playing at the time of the incident. 





Looks like he should be left south of the border Reply

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+12 Vote up Vote down WhenCowsAttack 97p · 13 hours ago

Left his wife and family at the scene of the crash? WTH? What was he going to do- ditch them there and flee back to Mexico? Did he not think he could be identified?

What a piece of crap he is. How could you hit a child and just run away? Coward. Reply


My thoughts also.

His thinking process is rather twisted and because of this should not be allowed to drive a vehicle ever again.

My guess is he had no license, no insurance and was probably an illegal. The odds are on my side that all three are true.

Now why has he not been arrested???? Reply


Why not arrested yet? Probably haven’t caught him yet is all I can think of. Or maybe our “system” will just write him a ticket. Repeat hit-n-run offender? Deport the POS. Even if he’s from here! Reply

As of 2049 there are no charges listed on his booking record so not sure if he is illegal or not, but being 22, wife and kid with a 40k auto makes me think there is more to this story than what is out right now.

He may have walked with all of the drugs so that they would not be discovered. If he had stayed it would not have been a felony so there had to be something bigger going on. Reply


Why do I feel that I’ve read this story a hundred times before??? Reply



Because you HAVE! Reply

-2 Vote up Vote down ChiefJoseph101 70p · 10 hours ago

Soon as I read the story and the area it happened in I KNEW it was an illegal. I’m sure his family are all illegals too, but NOTHING will be done. Besides, that loser nobama is ready to sign “immigration reform” now that he’s getting his socialized healthcare. So all these scummy foreign nationals, who ignored our laws coming here will reap the benefits of their ILLEGAL behavior and will receive their FREE HEALTHCARE, just like nobama PROMISED THEY WOULDN’T. Another LIE from the scumbag left democRATS and nobama. Lord I hope we can survive until November with these anti American scumbags in control. They are getting ready to fund acorn again too. Can you believe it? I wasn’t much a Bush fan, him being a “compassionate” Conservative and all, but with what’s going on now, I really MISS him. Reply



AMEN!!!!!!!! I wonder if we went to “their” country, if we would receive the benefits and FREE stuff they get by coming to OUR country!!! Send them back and our crime rate will go down, too!! Reply


Bush had eight years to do something about illegal immigration, and yet….. I think Dems suck too, but both sides are complicit in ignoring the problem. Dems are afraid to offend the minority vote and Repubs have the manufacturing and food industry giving them hundreds of millions of dollars to keep their cheap labor available. Immigration makes a good sound bite for politicians, but both sides are useless to fix it and deserve the credit for the mess. Reply


Are we mad enough yet? Government is corrupt! We need some leadership to lead US out of this mess. That’s why I sign my comments “OneTerm, then send them home”. I say deport this punks remains in a body bag. Reply

1 reply · active 10 hours ago 0 Vote up Vote down LawAbidingCitizen · 5 hours ago

Yessssssss. Reply


According to another channels website, the vehicle is a white 2009 VW Touareg. They are not cheap. He should not have ran, and I am reasonably sure he will be caught. Don’t worry, people! Reply


+2 Vote up Vote down lizz 74p · 8 hours ago

I would like to know how he can afford that car at age 22? Reply 0 Vote up Vote down LawAbidingCitizen · 5 hours ago

Refer to above reply to Newsdude. Reply 0 Vote up Vote down LawAbidingCitizen · 5 hours ago

Nevermind my response might be too honest to print. Reply



I’m amzed at the poor reporting in this article. The man is a 22 year old who was driving a 2009 VW Touareg (A $40,000 vehicle, kids). He fled on foot, leaving his wife and child in the car. Reply

Hmm, seems to me this is an excellent reason why kids should not be playing in the middle of the street. Reply


Update from Hpdlife Hillsboro: The suspect had a valid driver’s license and insurance. He is still at large. Reply


I wonder why they won’t print my comments on how these illegal criminals change identities and scam the government for money. Reply


Ever wonder where he gets the cash to buy an expensive car? Think pharmacy

My mother inlaw lives next door to the wife’s parents, in the same neighborhood the boy was hit . They left their house the same time I arrived… Shady family… the Police came over and asked us if we saw the guy run into the house.. Reply



Come on folks lets not state the obvious about this fine hispanic gentleman.

Quite the guy, hits a kid and leaves his wife and kid to take the heat.

He is listed in the Washington Co. Jail but no charges are listed so don’t know what the charges are or status.

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