Obama descended from White Slave Owners on his White Side Hypocrite


Obama Descended from Slave Owners on the White side of his family: Hypocrite

Obama , after becoming President, filled out his census form by xing African American or Black, kicking his white side under the bus. 

Obama descended from white slave owners

March 3, 2007
WASHINGTON: Many people know that Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama’s father was from Kenya and his mother from Kansas.
But an intriguing snippet of the Illinois senator’s family history has received almost no attention until now: It appears that forebears of his white mother owned slaves, according to genealogical research and US census records.
The records – never addressed publicly by Senator Obama or his relatives – were noted in an ancestry report compiled by William Addams Reitwiesner, who works at the Library of Congress and researches genealogies in his spare time. The report, on Mr Reitwiesner’s website, carries a disclaimer that it is a “first draft” – one likely to be examined more closely if the senator from Illinois is nominated.
According to the research, one of Senator Obama’s great-great-great-great-grandfathers, George Washington Overall, owned two slaves who were recorded in the 1850 census in Nelson County, Kentucky. The same records show that one of Senator Obama’s great-great-great-great-great-grandmothers, Mary Duvall, also owned two slaves.
The records show that Overall, then 30, owned a 15-year-old female and a 25-year-old male, while Mary Duvall, his mother-in-law, owned a 60-year-old man and a 58-year-old woman.

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