Earthworks Landscaping Aurora failed the Everify Test They Hire Illegal Aliens Check them out on Facebook- No mention of Everify at their site at all

Earthworks is hiring illegal Mexicans . Earthworks is run by two white guy , Rod And Brett, who threaten legal action if you take their pictures on the home page! Report Earthworks to ICE- send a postcard!

Earthworks landscaping failed the Everify Test now offered at Sebastian Vasquez, of Woodburn,Illegal alienIf Sebastian Vasquez had had his social security run through the test, it would have shown up at the Everify Site. So we can safely assume that Earthworks Landscaping of Aurora hires illegal aliens from Mexico. You may report this to ICE or contact the company directly

 ICE Report & Deport: 503 326 7475

Snail Mail

DHS Immigration & Customs Enforcement-Attn: Investigations-511 NW Broadway-Portland Oregon 97209


Why should Ria Scott have this job when a legal native born American could do it just fine and without the bad English. I say Deport Ria Scott, a security entrance screener for De-Paul Security at the Oregon City Courthouse, discovered Monday that she had lost her wallet. For Scott, 44, that scenario was worse than for most: a recent immigrant from the Philippines, she had her green card, assorted valuable documents, and a considerable amount of U.S. currency in the missing wallet.why? because over a million green cards were given in one year while over 3 million Amerians are out of work.

 Sebastian Vasquez, of Woodburn, .

A landscaper for Aurora-based Earthworks Landscaping,

1.1 Million New Green Cards Issued in 2009

Friday, April 9, 2010, 10:37 AM EDT

While nearly 3 million Americans lost their jobs in 2009, the federal government issued more than 1 million new Green Cards over the same period of time. According to a new DHS report, 1,130,818 new Green Cards were issued to legal immigrants last year – the highest single-year number since 2006 and the fourth highest in history.

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1 Response to Earthworks Landscaping Aurora failed the Everify Test They Hire Illegal Aliens

  1. Brittanicus says:

    E-Verify has gained solid momentum across the country, as it identifies illegal workers after they are hired. The program then checks through the Homeland Security and Social Security data bases to see if they are eligible to work? We now have a fleeting chance to gain ground against the open border politicians and all the anti-sovereignty organizations that are ruthlessly indulging in destroying E-Verify. Fortunately for every legal worker they have losing support of their madness, as E-Verify popularity is being incorporated in multitudes of Human Resources offices currently. New E-Verify videos to furnish information about civil rights and civil liberties, explaining E-Verify techniques and policies, employee rights, and employer responsibilities. A telephone hot-line calculated to improve the E-Verify customer service and improve relations. Another serious upgrade to E-Verify is a new photo screening tool that helps employers to detect forged or faked immigration documents.

    Another sharp focus is on the state, county and community policing policy that has been organized around the 287 G federal immigration training law, which hasn’t been eradicated yet. All suspicious persons can be questioned by statewide regional police under 287 G, to see if they have a right to be in this country. All these enforcement initiatives have been strained by a constant bombardment of open border lobbyists to stem all these procedures. ICE raids are also under siege by demagogue Democrats and Liberals, with a tail-end of Republicans, who want to see complete suppression of our poorly constructed border fence. This would guarantee the free flow of anybody who can afford a plane ticket or any documentation, in crossing either the North or South border of the US. Prior to the Dems it was the Bush team who were so keen on opening America to free trade agreements, which devastated Mexicans small plot farmers who lived off their land resources. NAFTA-CAFTA may have lifted the more wealthy citizens in Mexico, but it alienated the peasant-farmer who lost to the huge American agriculturalists. The same as small Ma and Pa smallholdings that were exploited and crushed out of existence this side of the Southern fence.

    Since then the tracks of destitute, desperate people have chosen to find a way into this nation, no matter the consequences to just survive. Although it’s not their fault we cannot allow this happen anymore. American workers must come first, not the free traders dogma? They are the ones truly who have damaged the country’s economy, with unfair trading treaties Massive industrial plants called “Amasadoras” Manufacturers have exploited low paying jobs for civilians, contributing to the wealth of American conglomerates and equally already wealthy Mexicans. Every country has its immigration laws including our Southern neighbor Mexico, whose laws we should adopt? America has become indulgent and thereby allowing upwards of 20 million or more people looking for jobs and a very tolerant welfare payout system. E-Verify errors are rapidly being repaired so that open border disapproval groups can no longer end its presentation and shelf it, As Sen. Chuck Schumer and Sen. Lindsey Graham would obviously like to do.

    Seeing these legislators is pushing this national biometric card that most Americans see as interference to their freedoms. Most people agree this is an early signal in Washington of moving towards Comprehensive Immigration Reform. But critics and other opponents call it another way of force-feeding another AMNESTY to the American people. Incidentally, how many readers realize that there have been at least 7 forms of Amnesty since the major one in 1986? GOOGLE–or research these policies yourself, as they have been slipped past the myopic eye of the most citizens and documented residents. They would never recognize these carefully planned statues as a way to comprise immigration restrictions? One wonders if an Amnesty of sorts is passed, how many more foreign nationals we try to reach America? How many more millions of people, will we have to supplement with public welfare entitlements? We must insist that lowly skilled Citizens-residents are a priority, before any foreign nationals.

    E-Verify certainly overtime will have a significant effect to rejecting foreign labor. The job market will be available to our children, students and every available American worker and perhaps relinquish the hold of the engineered greed of discount labor companies. However there is a job niche for foreign labor that wishes to work the crops, but must be the program must be efficiently enforced with mandatory requirements that they must depart when their visa expires. Another niche that should always remain open is for immigrants with superior skills, not moderate accomplishments that are exploited by large hives of greed grabbing businesses.

    Both these policies have been open to wide-spread fraud of attorneys, business execs who should go to prison and not just fined. Decide for yourself the world of hurt we are in, with unparalleled Illegal immigration and what as law abiding citizens can do about, it’s now and future impact? Involved heavily in this, is increased and out-of-control overpopulation that will follow any AMNESTY, with chain migration of family migration, adding millions of more people to our already exhausted ecosystem? ABUNDANTLY CLEAR IS THAT THE POLITICIANS IN WASHINGTON CAN AMEND IMMIGRATION LAWS IN THE 1986 IMMIGRATION CONTROL & REFORM ACT. LEARN WHAT YOU CAN DO FOR YOUR FAMILY AND AMERICA at NUMBERSUSA with over a million members.

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