Deport Report Carlos Reynaud & Boycott Goodwill Part Two Mexican Book Mafia at Goodwill

meet carlos reynaud erazo one of the leaders of hispanic book mafia and illegal alien with his illegal brother and criminal Pedro reyanud erazo

be a patriot report carlos reynaud for income fraud to the IRS using form 3949a-

carlos reynaud mexican mafia president grabbing books like a pig at Seattle Goodwill outlet store – use this picture to send to the IRS when you send in form 3949a the Gang consists of illegal hispanics that came north and have taken advantage of the pro-illegal Northwest and the Nice People who live here. They ravaged Oregon, now Washington. ICE might not care  but the IRS wants Money so report hCarlos Reynaud. 

this is what they look like

and they are earning money illegally.

  The Goodwill Outlets have behavior policies posted on signs in the stores saying that assaults, threats, damaging merchandise, and intimidation will not be tolerated, and violators will be banned from the stores. But the gang has been given a special status by Goodwill and is not kicked out, even though they violate these policies daily. Book dealers who try to compete with the gang are pushed and threatened. If you try to shop for books while the gang is hoarding them you will see what I mean. The gang seems to think that the outlets are their private turf, and that no one else has any right to the books. Since Goodwill accepts and permits them to operate, they have been emboldened.Goodwill possibly thinks that if they exclude the gang they will make less money from sales. I am sure this is not the case. Other book dealers have been driven off by the gang. These book dealers could come back if the gang was not present. Also, many normal customers have personally told me they do not intend to return to the stores due to the gang. Also, the gang damages many books and media items, and if this was not happening, more merchandise would be sold since it would be in better shape. Also, since the gang hoards a large number of books for a long time (sometimes hours), a significant number of books are not available for purchase. If they were available, many of these books would be sold.There is one particular member of the gang who has threatened me multiple times. He drives a red Dodge Neon with a spoiler (wing) on the back, Washington state license plate number 791 SCU. Another vehicle of theirs is a red Ford Mustang convertible with an Oregon Crater Lake plate, with a personalized number. Another vehicle of theirs is a white Ford Windstar van with Oregon plates.During 2010 Goodwill managers have told people victimized by the gang that specific members of the gang had been banned. The bans were due to violence, some episodes involving the police being called, but many more occurring without police involvement. But after time passed these supposedly banned people came back. Victims have noticed the returning gang members, reported this to Goodwill, but to no avail, generally with lame excuses provided by Goodwill managers. Goodwill doesn’t want to have to monitor all of its customers to see if anyone banned is present. They would not need to monitor people if they would just prevent the conditions causing the violence. If a retail store has to generate a long list of customers who have been banned from the store, this fact alone should indicate that there is something fundamentally wrong with the management of that store. But apparently Cindi Forslund and Bill Callaghan aren’t getting the clue. For the love of all that is holy, how hard is it to ban hoarding? Banning hoarding would prevent most of these violent episodes. Banning human beings may be unenforceable, but human bans would not be needed if Goodwill was run right. Ban the abusive activity. How hard is that? If this environment Goodwill has fostered leads to people being seriously injured or killed, Goodwill will be liable. Cindi Forslund and Bill Callaghan are personally responsible for this environment, and should solve the problems simply out of moral desire for a peaceful community and avoiding any serious tragedies that no person will be able to undo. If nothing else, show concern for the large number of babies and small children that are present every day at the Goodwill Outlets.The management of Seattle Goodwill is dishonest, claiming they have taken actions to address customer complaints, when in fact they have not. As demonstrated, they lied to the Washington State Attorney General. They are of merely modest intelligence. I know this for a fact since I have directly communicated with them. Stupid people rule this world, and they hate people who are smart. They do not respond to moral arguments. Instead they try to determine what the “establishment” attitude is, as a guide to their actions, regardless of how such “guidance” is corrupt and immoral and hurts their company. They don’t want to ban a gang composed of people who are racial minorities, although the people hurt by the gang and who have complained are mainly people who are also racial minorities (we are black, hispanic, asian, eastern European, etc.). I never even asked Seattle Goodwill to ban anybody, but to simply ban the practice of book hoarding, but they won’t even do this.The Stranger Slog has reported on this problem twice (reported by Paul Constant – the Books Editor for The Stranger The first was on April 19, 2010 “Inside Seattle’s Guatemalan Book Dealer Gang Epidemic”. This article was regarding a violent incident on April 7, 2010 in which the police were called to the Seattle Goodwill Outlet. The second time was October 11, 2010 “Who Will Protect Us From the Roving Used Book-Buying Gangs?” where they reacted to my prior Craigslist posting. In the October article, Paul Constant takes issue with calling this aggressive, bullying group a “gang”. This is ironic, since Paul Constant of The Stranger called them a gang before I did. Many people had already been aware of this group. I called them a gang, because that is what they are, but also to indicate that I am indeed referring to the same group that people are already aware of. Paul Constant also expressed skepticism that violence has been occurring, scoffing and laughing it off. Police reports for the affected jurisdictions are freely available to the public. These reports are made available to the public in accordance with the Public Records Act (Revised Code of Washington, RCW 42.56). A competent journalist would investigate the police reports. Laughing at social problems does not make you a superior form of humanity Mr. Paul Constant.I am sure there are many other people who have been assaulted and threatened by this gang. There must be even more who are aware this gang has monopolized the Goodwill Outlets and don’t think this situation is right. The only way to change this is for enough people to put pressure on the Goodwill organization. I can’t put an end to this problem all by myself, so I need other people to grow a pair and help out for the good of everybody. Contact consumer protection organizations about this. Also contact the media and people within Seattle Goodwill itself. The following is some contact information:Portland Book Store a.k.a. R. A. Books Inc. (PortlandsBooks) account: portlandsbooksPortland Book Store (R. A. Books Inc.)7980 SE 17th Ave.Portland, OR 97202Carlos Reynaud5621 SE Holgate BlvdPortland, OR 97206-3825Email: portlandsbooks@yahoo.comPhone: (503) 737-7920Website (not much there): Constant – the Books Editor for The Stranger pconstant@thestranger.comThe Stranger1535 11th Avenue, Third FloorSeattle, Washington 98122Here are some consumer complaints links:Washington State Attorney General: Better Business Bureau: is the contact information for Seattle Goodwill:Seattle Goodwill1765 6th Ave. S.Seattle, WA 98134(206) 329-10
00goodwill@seattlegoodwill.orgwww.seattlegoodwill.orgCindi Forslund – Vice President of Operations 206-860-5706 Cindi.Forslund@seattlegoodwill.orgBill Callaghan – Director of Goodwill Outlets 425-263-8549 office 206-510-1243 cell Bill.Callaghan@seattlegoodwill.orgDavid Sandler – Media Relations/Communications Coordinator 206-860-5733 office 206-510-5108 cell David.Sandler @seattlegoodwill.orgThese are the managers at the Everett Goodwill Outlet:Corey McNamee Corey.McNamee@seattlegoodwill.orgAlex Smith Alex.Smith@seattlegoodwill.orgLauren Rutherford Lauren.Rutherford@seattlegoodwill.orgThis is Seattle Goodwill’s Board of Directors:Michael Killeen, Davis Wright Tremaine LLP (Chair)Email: mikekilleen@dwt.comPhone: 206.757.8076Fax: 206.757.8076Davis Wright Tremaine LLP1201 Third Avenue Suite 2200Seattle, WA 98101-3045Wayne Lau, Washington First International Bank (Vice Chair)Amelia Ransom Letcher, Nordstrom (Secretary)amelia.letcher@nordstrom.comPhone: 206.373.4384Amelia Ransom LetcherDivisional Vice PresidentCorporate Diversity Affairs1617 6th AvenueSeattle, WA 98101Richard Pahre, Moss Adams LLP (Treasurer)John Hayduk, Immediate Past Chair, JTM Construction (Executive Committee)jhayduk@jtm-construction.comJTM ConstructionMetropolitan Park East1730 Minor Avenue, Suite 1120Seattle, WA 98101Alan Cornell, Nitze-Stagen & Co. (Executive Committee)Nitze-Stagen & Co. , Inc.2401 Utah Avenue South Suite 305Seattle, Washington 98134Catherine Gibson, Evolve Partner Group (Executive Committee)Cathy.Gibson@evolvepartnergroup.comPhone: (206) 829-9340Evolve Partner Group LLC601 UNION STREET SUITE 4200Seattle, Washington 98101Scott Missall, Short Cressman & Burgess (Executive Committee)smissall@scblaw.comCell: 206.200.7710Business Phone: (206) 682-3333 & Burgess PLLC999 Third Avenue Suite 3000Seattle, WA98104-4088Cleo Molina, The Reid Group (Executive Committee)cmolina@thereidgroup.bizThe Reid Group12535 15th Ave. NE Suite 211Seattle WA 98125Ken Colling, President & CEO, Seattle Goodwill (Executive Committee)Ken.Colling@Seattlegoodwill.orgOffice (206) 782-0963Ken CollingGoodwill Industries, President/CEO1400 South Lane StreetSeattle, WA 98122-6137

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6 Responses to Deport Report Carlos Reynaud & Boycott Goodwill Part Two Mexican Book Mafia at Goodwill

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  2. BD says:

    Carlos is moving his Amazon inventory to a new account(one of his gang members) He is running scared(good job everyone) He needs to be shut down, everyone needs to turn him in to the IRS.and Amazon. If no Amazon no more Carlos, so someone needs to find his new name(or one of his familys names) on Amazon so we may report him.

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  4. DB says:

    We need more help posting on craigs list in the Portland area,We can not stop until Carlos and his gang brother Pedro are in jail!

    • stoptheinvasionoforegon says:

      DB are you BD? or A—? or BL?
      if you are A_-, perhaps if you posted in other sections you could give them a run for your money.
      we also need to get them deported. That is the golden egg.
      and if anyone wants to get the mug shots from Hillsboro and washington county that would be great too.
      I have been posting also, but I rotate between seattle and portland.

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