Seattle & Hillsboro Goodwill Hosts Gangsters Carlos R. Reynaud Erazo & Pedro Reynaud Carlos Reynaud works with his brother Pedro Reynaud Erazo, a known convicted illegal weapons .Amazon account is “portlandsbooks..

This is Carlos the criminal – report his to the IRS on form 3949a and to the Oregon department of revenue for tax evasion


Goodwill has betrayed Americans and back criminals from Latin america – boycott Goodwill

His sister was busted for a stolen credit card at the goodwill and Carlos had $10,000 to pay his bail.  Oregon is a third world shit hole because of Carlos and Pedro and about 300,000 other illegal aliens.

Posted January 14, 2011 at 12:05 am | Carlos’s brother Pedro has had the West Portland area (Hillsboro) and has used the exact same tactics. This blog appears to be 100% accurate from what I have witnessed since around 2003. Goodwill is probably even more corrupt in Oregon.

 They raised the book prices for worthless books that had supposedly all been scanned for their site to $1.00-2.00 so Carlos was Seattle bound for the cheaper prices and better quality — after they ruined the business for LOTS of legitimate book dealers!

Pedro has been in and out of jail and is scheduled for another hearing on his immigration sometime this year. He appealed his return to Honduras seeking political asylym in the US! There is real danger within this group– be careful.

If representatives of Seattle Goodwill, or members affiliated with Carlos Reynaud’s gang are the ones actively censoring this information, go ahead and announce yourselves you cowards.I am officially calling you out you lowlife criminal scumbags.

 Read the full story here: a little more than a year now (about January 2010 – January 2011) a book dealer gang working for portlandsbooks (Portland Book Store a.k.a. R. A. Books Inc.), an seller located in Portland, Oregon, has been daily monopolizing and loitering at the Goodwill Outlet stores in Seattle and Everett.


They have assaulted and threatened me and other people. In 2010 the gang caused many violent incidents and there were multiple police calls due to them. Their “shopping technique” is referred to as “hoarding” or “scooping”. They aggressively grab and hoard books (about 80 percent of everything), taking as much of the newly set out offerings as possible, filling up their personal bins as quickly as possible, in order to prevent other customers from buying anything of value before them. The gang wants to scan the barcodes to decide which items to buy, but doesn’t want anyone else to get them first. When hoarding the books, they shove and hit people with books they throw, but they have also committed more serious assaults, and have verbally threatened people. They show up en masse in order to monopolize the stores. It is obvious to any normal person that this behavior is abusive, but apparently not to the Seattle Goodwill management.

The fundamental problem is Seattle Goodwill itself. They are permitting this group to do what they are doing.The group camps out at the Outlets most of the day, every day, and create a menacing environment.

They strut around like they own the place, talking on cell phones and acting cocky. Over the entire year of 2010, angry and confused customers complained to Goodwill management about this situation, to no avail. I have overheard many people, including elderly folks trying to shop at the Goodwill, say that they aren’t going to shop there again because of the gang’s behavior. Decent people have been driven away, leaving mainly only the aggressive bullies.

 Almost any time you go to the outlets you will see them there. They have nothing better to do than loiter in the stores all day.This gang works for a 41-year-old man named Carlos R. Reynaud Erazo ( (phone 1-503-737-7920) who does business under the name Portland Book Store a.k.a. R. A. Books Inc. The gang supplies merchandise for Carlos’ lucrative Amazon business. His Amazon account is “portlandsbooks”. His business address (office/warehouse) is 7980 SE 17th Ave. Portland, OR 97202. His home address is 5621 SE Holgate Blvd. Portland, OR 97206-3825.

 Carlos used to live in Happy Valley, Oregon. For years his minions have been terrorizing the Portland, Oregon area, and their big expansion to the Puget Sound area started in about January 2010.

 Carlos employs illegal aliens.

 Please let him know that his group’s criminal and abusive/unfair behavior is not appreciated. Check his Amazon account and you will see that he has a very high amount of Amazon sales, so he is pulling in the money.

A basic online background check reveals he may be related to the following people: Pedro Reynaud, Norah M. Salva, Asencio Norah, Daysi Reynaud, Roberto Reynaud, Jaramillo Salvador. Most Amazon sellers do not engage in indecent behavior like Carlos. Tell Carlos to do business without resorting to gang tactics, intimidation, bullying, mob activity, and social disruption

.Carlos R. Reynaud Erazo works with his brother Pedro Reynaud Erazo, a known convicted criminal, who the U.S. government and ICE have been attempting to deport back to Honduras.

The link below is to a story published in 2006 by The Register-Guard (a newspaper in Eugene, Oregon) about a library book sale at the Lane Events Center in Eugene. Reading this article you can see that the gang has long been engaging in book hoarding.

 Carlos sent his people up to Seattle after causing so much disruption and harm to the book market in Oregon. Here are some excerpts from the link below:“This book-buying business is not for the faint of heart. Watch as the doors open at 8:55 a.m… and dealers come rushing in, running to the book-laden tables, as a volunteer yells, unheeded, ‘Don’t run! Don’t run! Don’t run!’ Step aside as buyers swarm the neatly stacked books, grabbing handfuls without checking titles, shoving them into boxes. Along with the more selective buyers, there seemed to be another breed, buying books as a commodity, scooping them up as quickly as possible and rushing back for more

. Meet Pedro Reynaud, working with three confederates to buy as many books as he can for his Portland bookstore – a couple thousand, maybe.


CAPTION: Buyers at the Friends of the Library annual book sale speed from table to table, loading up their bins and boxes – then doing it all over again. Pedro Reynaud, a bookstore owner from Portland, hauls away a loaded box Saturday at the Friends of the Eugene Public Library annual book sale. NAMELESS VOLUNTEER, CALLING FRUITLESSLY TO RABID BOOK BUYERS AS THE DOORS OPENED.”

The 2009 federal case against Carlos’ brother Pedro Reynaud is at the link below. It is Erazo v. Homeland Security et al Case Number: 3:2009cv01048.

Ken Colling, President & CEO, Seattle Goodwill (Executive Committee)
Office (206) 782-0963
Ken Colling
Goodwill Industries, President/CEO
1400 South Lane Street
Seattle, WA 98122-6137

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