24 Responses to Deport Goodwill Employees & Pedro Reynaud Erazo criminal illegal (carlos tax fraud illegal)

  1. bjd says:

    What can we do about complaining to Amazon as to them making up their own listings for existing books and listing penny books as collectible for 89.95! There was some information a couple of years ago that Pedro’s Amazon account money went to a bank account in CANADA! He wants what America has to give but apparently not keen on giving back.

    • stoptheinvasionoforegon says:

      I think pressing on ICE and the immigration judge would be more worthwhile. Amazon is so huge now that it would take the President to change their policy. They dont care they dont have too.,

  2. bjd says:

    ICE has known all about Pedro for nearly two years- his trial info. went to them, etc. Obviously they don’t mind having these low lifes in our country illegally. Even though the judge let him off it doesn’t take away the FACTS that he was in possession of stolen weapons, stolen computers, etc. On Amazon he has tried to cheat the system since the beginning with pricing books at 89.95 as Collectible and other scams. These are the same books everyone else has had to go down to around $2 or less on do to the hundreds getting marked down daily. Read Amazon’s definition of Collectible. It is supposed to be something someont would want to COLLECT – it needs to stand out from the mass production runs. What he is listing is the SAME as everyone else’s. He just hopes he can scheme so that his is the one that comes up first on the search and gets bought. Probably thousands of Pedro’s listings are at 89.95 – his favorite price! Pedro has bragged that if he ever did get deported it would be back in days as he knows the right people.

    • stoptheinvasionoforegon says:

      do you know if it is possible to get his mug shot?
      I know the government has failed us . I can only hope that constantly shoving him in the face of the government will maybe cause some action we are happy with.

    • DB says:

      Pedro and Carlos also sell bootleg copies of dvds just read there feedback everyone needs to complain to amazon and have them kicked off

  3. j says:

    Just saw this new listing on Pedro’s site. Looks like Amazon will buy this back for around $3 — look at what he has it for- interesting.

    • stoptheinvasionoforegon says:

      carlos has removed about 4,000 listings from portland books in the last week but he is adding new ones. I am copying entire pages into a word document to track him better.
      I am going to try and get pedro erazos mug shot from washington county oregon
      In the meantime, my allies in this could post more about this on rants and raves in the oregon washington and california sections.
      you can also start your own wordpress blog about this’
      make sure you have goodwill or mafia in the titile etc
      and anyone who knows more and wants to tell please feel free to post here. your fake email address is always good for protection.

      • DB says:

        I have been posting and Carlos is getting scared, I wont stop until he and his gangmeber brother Pedro is kicked off amazon that way they will have no need to go to any more Goodwills,Everyone needs to email the IRS,INS and deport them once and for all, also people need to complain to amazon about the bootleg copie dvds they both sell that is a sure way to get there accounts blocked

      • r says:

        Hey everyone Pedro is buying from Carlos to leave feedback,so far he has left 2 feedbacks in his own name(Pedro Reynaud) so I guess he has a buying account in his name,I guess Carlos needs the sales.Everyone go check out Carlos feedback.

      • stoptheinvasionoforegon says:

        I have updated the info
        thanks for the tip – if you paste it here I will add it to the info and make a post about it
        typical cowardly illegals criminals
        how about speading the news on Craiglist or starting new wordpress blogs about the book mafia?
        the site jul-may isnt as good as wordpress-
        just an idea we have lots of info on them and satuating the web with as many blogs as possible
        also the jul may blog site needs an active link to carlos reynauds book site on amazon’ you have pedros thanks

        another thought do a photoshop of carlos name and book store on the pic of him’ then we can post it without being stopped by you know who

  4. DB says:

    Carlos is back selling. all his listings are up and running. We need to do more with the IRS and DOR he needs to be kicked off Amazon once and for all and his gang brother Pedro, Everyone please help by turning him in.He and Pedro should not be making money!

    • stoptheinvasionoforegon says:

      I just want you to know I am keeping track of how many hits and Carlos and Pedro are still of interest. every day more and more people know about them.
      what he doesnt know is that if the IRS Is investigating,like the police, it doesnt happen overnight and we have only been doing this a little over a month.He probably thought that because no one contacted him directly nothing would ever happen.He doesnt know that when the IRS comes , they will knock on his door like the cops. So will the DOR.

      He has already been jailed once, his sister deported his brother about to be, his picture is posted on the Internet daily and he still thinks he can flout the government. He is probably desparate for cash and money to get out of town.
      this is what dealing with criminal illegal hispanics is like, they are all like this, unless you have a club in your hand and you club them they think the whole thing is a joke, because the American way is so much more civilized it doesnt seem real to them.
      You can post more in rants and rave because where you are posting does not get web traffic.
      I will continue to keep them on my front page and post. Getting the government to respond with any speed urgency or passion is a bit out of our hands.
      If it takes a year and a day to break them then that is what we have to commit too.
      I am furious with our slack government where illegal aliens sue Americans and win and where Americans are punished for standing to illegals.

    • stoptheinvasionoforegon says:

      also got to add this- you got that private message from me I am sure , because we now know how to deal with what happened yesterday. ( nospace) carlos thought he had won a round on that one I bet. He hasnt –
      also I would like to ask you a favor- if you make up a dummy letter to the DOR and Immigration I can post it here and people will only have to paste it and enter their names. We need to make this as simple as sending faxes on Numbersusa. would you be willing to do that??? also if there is anything you want me to add to my posts on this site about them let me know

      • B says:

        We need to have Carlos and Pedro kicked out of Amazon then they wont have a need to go to the Goodwill.I will post on rants and raves,but we need more,We need to mess with his feedback(any ideas?) on amazon this way no amazon no Carlos or Pedro, then we can shop at our Goodwills in peace.also keep up with the IRS and DOR they will check it out if more people complain.Maybe we need to send all the information to head office of amazon?

      • stoptheinvasionoforegon says:

        feedback bombing can be dangerous as they will have your address , so unless you can buy something and do it in a way to completely be safe , I wouldnt do it.
        It’s better to publicly out them on the internet.
        well I suggested a form letter needs to be written to post here so people can copy it and send it to DOR and IRS and Amazon too. Don’t count on Amazon taking it seriously. They have been contacted before , but feel free to contact the Legal department of Amazon in Seattle with info about the bootleg dvds.
        We need all the Illegals out of the Goodwill. Pedro and Carlos should be the beginning not the end goal

  5. j says:

    There were IRS complaints made a year ago — and they are still at it — so don’t hold your breath. I think you are not seeing the reality of Oregon and Wa. immigration policy is you really expect them to do anything. The FEDERAL immigraton laws are not being enforced. How about trying harder to get the news media involved in this one? Also, I wonder why some of the Seattle people don’t take a lot of the evidence against these thugs along with what must be thousands of listing violations and go right to Amazon. Face it — the Govt. is ambilivant. If they couldn’t sell their c— on Amazon they’d be out of business. I know of people that ave been thrown off for next to nothing. Have any of you noticed how much more info. is now going onto your on-line bank records when an Amazon depsit is made? Yesterday when I checked my Chase account for the deposit I was surprised to see all the details on there. Has anyone else checked on Pedro’s listings for collectibles? Also, isn’t it supposed to be the rule to use the ISBN # if there is one? Pedro ignores them and makes up all his own listings in hopes his will come up ahead of the ISBN listing that usually has the same book for one penny that he has for around $20. They need to be stopped — but don’t expct the Govt. to do it. There have some amount of action for around 2 years to get them removed and you can see how well that has gone!

    • r says:

      LOTS OF BAD FEEDBACK WILL DO IT, Also they are selling bootleg copies of dvds read there feedback If amazon knows this they wont be on there anymore, This is one way of getting them off amazon,Everyone needs to keep posting and share all info.If Carlos and Pedro had there accounts closed that would be the first step,then step 2 deport them.

    • stoptheinvasionoforegon says:

      believe me I know the reality of Immigration policy enforcement in oregon. I have tried with letters and pictures and posts to stop illegals for years now. The mainstream media is blacklisting any information about illegal aliens unless its sob stories about pedro and maria and how hard they work to stay alive on food stamps. The Oregonian has gotten worse not better in the last couple of years. I am afraid its down to my blog and other blogs ( which I suggest everyone start a blog about this on wordpress so it gets picked up – use lots of tags ) and rants and raves.
      I am the person who found the address for ICE in oregon and phone number. I called the senators office and they didnt have – it took me several days and lots of posts on r and r and yelling a lot to get it.
      we dont have many options that are safe. If we demonstrate, we risk physical attack and arrest. If we go to the goodwill in person we risk the same plus being followed and attacked later by the illegals.
      legal action just makes the lawyers rich. Contacting Amazon , well they love to kick people off but they dont like people to tell them who to kick off. If you want to create a form letter with the correct address I will post it on my home page which gets several hundred hits a day. That is what we need now is a form letters for the DOR IRS and Amazon .

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