Darwin Awards:Dumb Mexican Miguel Cortes Busted for High Speed Crazy Mexican Motorcycle

another darwin award for an ugly mexican anchor baby in woodburn oregon - occupied by mexico

Marion Co. Sheriff’s Office – 02/12/11

Cortes with his citation

Its possible Cortes is an illegal alien since the police dont check since Oregon is a sanctuary state for illegal aliens and only Americans have to follow the laws.

Cortes with his citation

The Marion County Sheriff’s Office has assigned a Traffic Safety Team of experienced deputies to enforce motor vehicle laws in Marion County. The goal is to reduce the number of motor vehicle crashes and the injuries & deaths resulting from those crashes. At about 11:41am on Saturday, Deputy Ryan Postlewait had the opportunity to contribute to the achievement of that goal.

While parked on the shoulder of Interstate 5 near Woodburn, he first heard the sound of a fast-approaching motorcycle. In a matter of seconds, the motorcycle passed Deputy Postlewait’s vehicle and was observed driving between two cars, “splitting” the lanes of travel, as it continued northbound at a very high rate of speed. The deputy’s Lidar equipment clocked the motorcyclist at 107 miles per hour in the 65 mph zone.

The blue Yamaha F6S, 600cc motorcycle was stopped near the interchange of Highway 214. The driver was identified as 41-year old Miguel Cortes of Tualatin.mexico call ICECortes admitted that he was going “about 80” as he split the lanes of travel.

He was arrested and released on a citation for Reckless Driving, a class A misdemeanor, and additionally cited for speeding and failing to maintain a single lane of travel. The speeding fine is $1143; the lane-splitting is $287.

Mr. Cortes consented to posing for a photograph holding his citation (attached).

Attached Media Files: Cortes with his citation

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