No Justice for Shawna Forde : Convicted of Killing An Mexican Drug Dealer and his Anchor Baby: Shawna Forde Lynched & Crucified for being a Minuteman

( oh look Border Patrol Agent murdered but three of his illegal mexicans murderers are set free back to mexico- double standard here?)

 Those of you, who are happy with this verdict,who still believe in the American system of justice, ask yourself if you would like to endure a political trial/ farce such as this, knowing you are innocent? It can happen to anybody- the system is set up to convict people, not to discover the truth , not to protect the innocent.

Defense attorney Eric Larsen gave a concise, measured closing argument, getting the bored jury’s attention, warning them that even if they thought Shawna “probably” did it, the burden of proof was on the prosecution to prove their case “beyond a reasonable doubt.” In order to convict Shawna, he explained, the jury needed to accept the Prosecution’s explanation for the evidence presented as the only possible one. 


He told them that the prosecution would rebut his arguments and cautioned them not to believe Unklesbay’s “flim-flam.”  When Larsen
pointed out the sloppy investigation done by the Sheriffs, the law officers sitting behind the defendant turned beet red.  Larsen cited specific evidence that should have been investigated but wasn’t.  Fresh shoe prints were found at the crime scene; they were ignored. Other possible suspects, like Albert Gaxiola’s girlfriend, Gina Moraga, and Sandy Stroup, Oin Oakstar’s girlfriend (both of whom are MIA at time of trial), were not questioned, or even investigated.  The goal for the Pima County Sheriffs was to “get Shawna;” nothing else mattered. 

Emphasizing the fact that there was no physical evidence against his client, he said, “[Shawna Forde is] a wraith, a ghost; she moves without leaving evidence.” Our source says there is no way anyone could convict Shawna after hearing this flimsy case.

Jim Gilchrist Speaks on Shawna

January 22, 2010

JSF:  Do you think that there was an agenda by government agencies to get Shawna Forde?

JG:  No.  They might not have liked her, seen an opportunity to seize her, and to make an example of her.  Nobody will know until the trial starts, if the evidence is really convincing, beyond the shadow of a doubt, that she participated in the crime.

JSF:  Shawna indicates she knows who’s dirty, who’s taking bribes, and turning a blind eye.  Do you think they nailed her because she knew certain things and they didn’t want it to come out?

JG:  Now that is interesting!  She sent me a couple of emails about getting in deep undercover, and she asked, “please contact law enforcement and get me some protection.”  I remember thinking, she’s getting too close to some really bad people, if she’s worried about her life, about being murdered.  And I was wondering, why would she go to that extent? snip.

JSF:  Do you have any feeling about whether she’s innocent?

JG:  I would lean toward innocence.  I never pictured her doing something like this.  I never saw her as being violent.  The 3 or 4 times I saw her, she was always very personable with everybody.  Now there were people who didn’t like her, like Jeff Schwilk, or William Gheen.  She refused to work (raising money or recruiting members) for Gheen in Washington state.  As soon as he found out she was communicating with the Minuteman Project, every time she posted something or emailed, he’d beat up on her.    Gheen and Schwilk repeatedly assaulted her in their internet postings from December 2008 through about March or April of 2009.  After she was beaten and raped and then shot, everyone—Gheen, Schwilk, Nightingale, and Simcox were posting all sorts of propaganda and bogus stuff, and I came to her defense.  Nobody ever proved that she shot herself, or that she had anything to do with her husband getting shot. 

The dysfunctional duo of Gheen and Schwilk continued their attacks with fervor in June of 2009, pronouncing her guilty without a trial.  Gheen and Schwilk, in my opinion, are predators, possible sociopaths, and without any semblance of conscience.

I am so wary of people being charged with anything, because I’ve been charged in a civil complaint.  After 2 ½ years, the judge finally exonerated me.  And Schwilk and Gheen were all condemning me (before the case even got to trial)! 

There is a certain mentality in our country from the early 1600s…the witch-hunters.  There are people who want to accuse you of something you haven’t done in the morning, arrest you and convict you of it in the afternoon and literally hang you in the street in public at 6 o’clock that same day.  And days or months later they find out you really had nothing to do with whatever they accused you of, but oh, well, that’s the way stuff happens.

I have to be very wary about anyone being charged with anything anymore.  The court system worked for me, but the court of public opinion is still out to get me.  They want Shawna, Bush, and Gaxiola to be guilty because they know they can use that against me.  They’re going to say, “Gilchrist is also guilty—he put them up to it!” 

The facts or the truth doesn’t matter.  It’s what people want to believe.  They want to believe she’s guilty.  The newspaper reporters want to believe Shawna is guilty because that is going to fit into their personal biased vision of the world.  It doesn’t matter what the facts are. 

JSF:  What do you think about Sheriff Dupnik saying Shawna’s a psychopath?

JG:  She never made me feel afraid, ever.  She never presented to me to be strange.  She was always very respectful to me, very polite, considerate.  She was different, she was a strong woman, she was opinionated.  But I meet strong opinionated men and women all the time!  She never impressed me as being psychopathic or sociopathic.  I knew she had a checkered past, but that was 20 years in the past!  It has nothing to do with who she is nowShe never presented herself as being a bad person.  I knew the people who were attacking her were also attacking me, so I put little credence in what they were saying.

Gheen, Schwilk and Nightingale went on a relentless campaign for months, posting propaganda about how she fabricated everything, and she’s a liar, because Gilchrist tells her what to lie about.  Even when her daughter went missing for 5 days, they hammered her about how she and I were cooking up a media event.  They tortured her for months on the internet.  You can’t just say that because someone is suspicious of somebody, that it must be true; they must be guilty.  That goes right back to predatory witch-hunting, and we got rid of that 300-400 years ago.  Being a victim of that kind of thing, I am very wary of anybody being charged with anything anymore, as much as I am a pro-law enforcement person.  I am very cautious that we cannot be so pro-law that we are just throwing everybody in jail and in prison because somebody says something.  Each of us has been in this situation, where you’re accused of doing something you didn’t do.

There have been times when somebody, like Johnny Sutton (Ramos and Compean’s prosecutor), has been dirty, has had an agenda, had a mission, and that mission was to get a conviction regardless of facts or circumstances.

JSF:  Who will profit if Shawna is convicted?

JG:  The open borders fanatics will prosper.  It could stall the immigration law enforcement movement, and our opponents will use any incident to stop us.  Up until a couple of years ago, I was concerned that someone wanted to frame me.


JSF:  What do you think of them holding her in solitary confinement for 7 months?

JG:  I think it’s cruel and unusual; I think it’s torturous. Regardless of whether she had anything to do with this or not, does law enforcement enable them to cruelly imprison someone?  I think it probably should not.  I don’t know why they were allowed to do it.  Again, I must reiterate that I am an avid supporter of law enforcement, so I cannot condemn the jail system or the police for what they are doing.  But I am concerned, I am worried, about the well-being of anybody in a jail who has not been convicted of anything.  The big difference is that we have a suspect, why would you put that suspect into solitary confinement?  This is not someone who’s been convicted of a mass murder and they’ve gotten life without parole!  Why would you do that to someone who’s a suspect, who hasn’t been convicted of anything?

JSF:  What are the implications of the Shawna Forde case with respect to the first and second amendment rights?

JG:  If the anti-second amendment, anti-constitutional crowd gets hold of an incident like this, they will say, “see what happens when you let people have guns—we have to confiscate them!”  As far as free speech, if Shawna’s being victimized because of her propensity to engage in freedom of assembly and free speech, it is certainly a very effective way of subliminally suppressing free speech.  People will be afraid to come out and present their grievances against the government or agencies of the government.  Like me, I was afraid [I would be framed]; someone would put 40 lbs. of cocaine in my trunk, the police would pull me over, and I would spend the rest of my life in prison!

JSF:  Do you think Shawna Forde was framed for this crime?

JG:  Anything is possible.

Laine Lawless, member of The Committee for Justice for Shawna Forde, announced today she was resigning from the Committee.

“I support Shawna’s innocence and believe she will be acquitted at trial, even if the charges are not dismissed before then. I condemn the mainstream media for implying that all the defendants are guilty, when under the American justice system, all criminal defendants are presumed to be innocent prior to trial. Dupnik’s Dungeon should be shut down for violating prisoners’ civil and Constitutional rights, and Sheriff Dupnik should be imprisoned for federal and state violations of the rights of the accused before trial. No wonder Pima County Jail has a 97% plea rate!”

Shawna Forde, Anti-Immigration

Vigilante, for enforcement of laws lConvicted Of Killing Nine-Year-Old Girl  And Her Father Drug dealing mexican criminal  In Arizona

 She was convicted by the press and the criminal hispanic community long before the trial occurred. Thanks to illegal aliens , the US is now back in the 1600’s where a woman could be tortured and put to death if anyone labeled her as a witch.

Many who are convicted are innocent, ask Blacks and Liberal Americans, but not if the person is a white woman who defied the status quo.

 If there had been any justice, the trial would have been moved to North Dakota, one of the few states not taken over by mexicans and where the jury, non-mexican, could have viewed the evidence in a neutral manner.

Justice mexican style, the drug dealing puta of mexican  mother didnt even pick Shawna out in a police line up.

This was a La raza Open Borders  witch hunt  against Americans for enforcing immigration laws.

Of what importance is a mexican dru

 Mexicans and other hispanics are doing a great job of recreating the US in the very image of the vile , corrupt third world shit-holes they left. They have no concept of honesty , fair play, truth, following the laws,free speech or much of anything other then I got mine. Remember when OJ Simpson was acquitted by a mostly non-white Jury, because it was payback time for the Rodney King beating? He did it. In this case , Forde has been sacrificed over rage over the Minutemen. I don’t believe for a minute that she killed anyone. 

In the meantime, Latina family Values:

What kind of life was the little girl going to have with her drug dealing parents? rape and more rape and then drug addiction herself and a life of crime.

First Posted: 02/14/11 10:10 PM Updated: 02/14/11 10:10 PM

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Arivaca Double Killing
Shawna Forde listens during opening arguments in her trial for killing Raul( illegal alien mexican drug cartel ) and Brisenia Flores.

WASHINGTON — An Arizona anti-illegal immigration activist was convicted on Monday of killing two Latinos   ugly filthy lying mexicans.,during a 2009 raid: nine-year-old Brisenia Flores and her father, Raul Flores. The ( alledged) killer, Shawna Forde, is a member of the Minutemen, which patrols the southern border to detect illegal entry into the country.


A jury convicted Forde of planning and executing the raid that led to the deaths of Raul and Brisenia Flores, and of the attempted murder of Gina Gonzales, the child’s mother (she survived the attack). Forde was also convicted on two counts of aggravated assault and counts of burglary, armed robbery and aggravated robbery.

The jury will announce Forde’s sentence on Thursday; her alleged accomplices, Albert Robert Gaxiola and Jason Eugene Bush, still await trial.

Joaquin Guerra, campaign director for Latino activism group, told HuffPost the conviction is “justice for a little girl whose death was ignored by the mainstream media.” The case largely escaped the notice of major news outlets until a few weeks ago, when a number of national news sources covered Forde’s trial.

Few politicians spoke out against the murders, which occurred in a state that later passed the hotly-contested SB1070 immigration law and is now considering a bill that would deny citizenship to children born to undocumented immigrants. criminal illegal aliens

Latinos organized to bring attention to the Flores killings, including a campaign by to shed light on the case.


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