Busted Sex Abuse !Joacquin Cisneros Hernandez -Ugly Fat Illegal Mexican Rapes Relative Mcminnville



Joacquin Cisneros Hernandez arrested for sex abuse
McMinnville Poli

ce Dept. – 02/16/11

McMinnville Police Detectives arrested Joaquin Cisneros-Hernandez on February 15th, 2011 for sexually abusing a juvenile female family member over the course of the last four years. These incidents reportedly occurred at the residence of the suspect.

Joaquin Cisneros-Hernandez DOB 12/01/1967 of 523 NW 13th Avenue, McMinnville was arrested and lodged in YCCF pending arraignment on the following charges:
First Degree Sexual Abuse (4 counts) SRA – $500,000.00
Third Degree Sexual Abuse (2 Count) SRA – $10,000.00

Anyone with further information or questions regarding this case is asked to call Detective Carver at 503-435-5618.

Attached Media Files: 2011-02/1837/42065/CISNEROS.BMP

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